Steps to Knowledge in 365 days - Starting here a companion journey via journals.

Greetings  All -

To offer a way through the Mayan calendar challenge, Step 1 of the 365 Steps to Knowledge began at https://twitter.com/FromTheMystery on January 1, 2012. Since we all survived, a second year began January 1, 2013 and is completing today.

Steps to Knowledge is a spiritual practice provided for Humanity by The Teachers, those of the Angelic Assembly who have delivered a New Message From God through Marshall Vian Summers. It is a means for intelligent life throughout the universe to deal with the complexity of life and the reality of the Creator.

While Steps to Knowledge cannot be taught, there is benefit in sharing the experience of practice. It can be shared with oneself, by means of keeping a journal. A few tips about how to do that here: http://goo.gl/kgX0d9

In this year I will provide some comments from my first year of Steps which began Sunday, June 27, 1999. I'd met Marshall Vian Summers in 1997 at the Denver Metaphysical Fair on August 31.

The following year, in Boulder, I met with Patricia Summers on August 29, 1998. She recommended I get the book Greater Community Spirituality, which had recently been published.

It was a soul expander for me. At age 52, I had studied many paths and had yet to find a good map that gave me some sense of my spiritual position in the creation. As a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), having done the Workbook for Students in calendar year 1988, starting January 1, I could see the manifest as "temporary," but if it was an "illusion," "illusion management" was required. I might recognize "attack as a cry for help," but that did not resolve such problems.

Greater Community Spirituality was very practical. On into 1998 I considered the various urgings to begin Steps to Knowledge. When my work situation became difficult, I reached a point where I ordered the book and Wisdom Volumes I and II.

Steps to Knowledge got me through a very difficult year. In fact, it saved my life. I did not have anyone else to talk to about it, but concerning spiritual things, that was not a new situation in my life. There are other companions anyway.

Steps begins when the need arises and one may not think they can proceed with the discipline of a Step a day. I was able to do that with ACIM.

One can choose to plow through, even if every Step's requirements are not met to the letter. That is not a demand The Teachers make. Much learning will take place as one "learns to learn." It will be true any time one does Steps.

The Teachers recommend that you give three years to the practices. While you will have insights and experience change at many points, the value of long term practice is hard to communicate. After being a student for 15 years, I remain a beginning student. That is because whenever I go to a Step, or a teaching, or a message, there is something new. Thus the New Message, like other true spiritual teachings, will always be new to those who study and seek to develop wisdom that can be used in the world.

So, beginning January 1, 2014, I will offer in posts what seems pertinent based on what I can glean from my journals.

I won't be engaging in comments and discussion. Those who wish to talk to other students are encouraged to join The Free School of the New Message where resources for students can be found. Studying privately, without anyone in the world knowing, is a viable option.

To end this post I offer the blessing: "May the presence of the Teachers be with you."

In the invocative language of  Knowledge this blessing is: "Nasi Novare Coram" (pronounced NAH-see no-VAHR-ay co-RAHM)

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Marshall Vian Summers asked me to blog about my experience as a student of the Steps to Knowledge.

Greetings - 

This blog was established in July, 2012 to be an on-line repository of the Steps to Knowledge. 

As the banner indicates, this is a spiritual practice I began  June 27, 1999 and have done continuously since that day.

This blog was needed to support the Twitter account FromTheMystery by giving a quick reference to the full step and referral back to the full document. It was clumsy to have to include the page number on a very large PDF.

Beginning January 1, 2012, it was offered as a way to get through the much talked about year of the purported end of the Mayan calendar.

Via use of Twitter hashtags I expected to be able to draw people to see and briefly experience this practice and perhaps take it up. I don't know if that has actually happened, nor is its continuation based on any other goal that to show this to others.

So, at the end of 2012 I decided to repeat the process, posting one step of the 365 steps a day, in sequence.

Today, May 26, is an auspicious day for the Steps to Knowledge, as it was on this day in 1989, that Marshall Vian Summers began to receive the first Steps. The process continued through June 14. This period is now celebrated as the Steps Vigil

Preparatory to the start of the vigil, a special event entitled The Mystery and Journey of Steps to Knowledge was held. It was attended by students from around the world.

Yesterday, at the event in Boulder, Colorado, Marshall Vian Summers asked me to blog about my experience as a student of the Steps to Knowledge.

This is my response to his request. 

I am only a beginning student, so what I can offer is only experience. The primary advice I give to new students is to be patient with themselves.  The Steps in total are not easy, but are beneficial to the persistent.

This is the initial post. I do not intend to host discussions that require moderation. Comments or questions may be sent to me for fodder. They may or may not lead to a post. 

At this time I do not know where this will lead, but I do have experiences to share that are my own or of other students. 

There are forums for Steps discussions at the Free School of the New Message. This is another opportunity to consider

We are on a shared journey. This may be felt before it is known. We are not alone, but do have guidance. Understanding what we've already experienced of that and how to become closer to it, is what can be learned through this practice.

                                                                          Nasi Novare Coram