Step 31 - I wish to see a world I have never seen before. Entry from Step 30 - Today I will observe my world.

Greetings All -

Step 31 - I wish to see a world I have never seen before.

I WISH TO SEE A WORLD I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. in the year THIS REPRESENTS YOUR DESIRE FOR KNOWLEDGE. It represents your desire for peace. It is all the same desire. This desire emanates from your Knowledge. It may compete with other desires. It may threaten other things, though it need not necessarily do so. Therefore, the affirmation for today reflects your true will in life. As this is affirmed, it becomes more apparent to you, and you are able to experience it more and more in time.

TODAY UPON EACH HOUR, FEEL YOUR DESIRE to see a different world. Look at the world without judgment and say to yourself, “I wish to see a different world.” Do this every hour. Try not to miss any practice sessions. Practice no matter how you feel, no matter what is occurring. You are greater than your emotional states and so you need not deny them, though they will need to be controlled in time. You
are greater than the images you see around you, for they mostly represent your judgment upon the world. Practice this day looking without judgment and feeling as you look.

PRACTICE 31: Hourly practice.

As I noted yesterday, remembering to do a practice hourly can take some help. Today I noticed I wasn't hearing the hourly chime, so I went on to set an alarm at :59 on my phone, a minute before the hourly, so I would hear it.

From the Journal:

12:50 A.M.  Sunday, August 15 ...

S2K - I was supposed to check on the hour, to feel if there was something else to do. Nothing came - except the desire to hike the path. That energized me - 7:05 - 8:05 p.m. 

H- ions in the wet woods?


1:45 A.M. I spend most of my time trying to understand the world - then trying to forget what I've connected. I get pulled into music and music videos. That edge of the world - then the Spirit side - Council of 9 - it is all, all, all sacred.We come this side of the veil - this is truth .

So - I - am.

9:28 A.M. My parents were gods and I was  the center of their universe.

S2K - Cultivating receptiveness to feeling what needs to be done. "Allow your inner guidance to influence you, which it will do if you are not governed by impulses, fear or ambition." I thought that for the past five years I was being guided/influenced. I don't know if I got sloppy, misguided or was simply attacked by people who didn't get it. I'm still pinged by ... & .... I'm slowly trying to show them my wisdom - and the benefit - that's why I stayed the course. I don't want to leave. Too - I've changed - reduced my judgement of ... and embraced paradox - future focus. [work issues] ...

 11:00 A.M. I have the ideas ... they are coming through. 

12:03 p.m. I want to be a teacher of God. [ACIM] To become so, I need to be a better student. My peers/students - seem hard to my message - their troubles revolve around failure to use information, develop their own skills. My Issues as well - who is the hard student - me or them?

I don't understand the resentment. I see a world of extremes - 

Tom Christoffel - A Carpenter of cooperation - geo-carpentry

A lot going on this day. References to prior spiritual reading and teaching, as well as dealing with many relationship issues in my work as director of a regional planning agency.



Step 30 - Today I will observe my world. Entry for Step 29 - I will observe myself today to learn of Knowledge.

Greetings All -

Step 30 - Today I will observe my world.


THIS DAY OBSERVE YOUR WORLD, following the same practice plan as practiced the previous day. Observe your world without judgment and observe what you are doing in the world without judgment.Then feel if anything needs to be done. Again, your hourly practices take but minutes, and as you practice, they will become more swift, more keen and more effective.

WE WISH FOR YOU TO VIEW THE WORLD without judgment, for this will enable you to see the world as it really is. Do not think that you have seen the world the way it really is, for what you have seen is your judgment upon the world. The world you will see without judgment is a different world than you have ever seen before.

PRACTICE 30: Hourly practice.

Doing hourly practice takes discipline. Work at it. I still have to do so. 

Yesterday:   Step 29 - I will observe myself today to learn of Knowledge.

There are some Journal entries for this day, but they don't relate to the Step.

10:05 A.M. - Saturday, August 14 - ...
The debriefing - what do we really know. How do we know? As above, so below. As below, so above. There is macro/micro - it is always a matter of scale. Like the map problem - scale is not the only measure of accuracy.

Science is the mapping of our context. We then use our knowing to alter our environment - to build, engineer one that extends our capability. 

Having a map that works reasonably well may confer power on some - but the map is not the territory, as semantics tells us. 

6:30 p.m. ... Went to the Greater Community Website. There was a Mufon interview which really sets out a reasonable scenario. My mind serves the Creator. I align with the Christ Spirit. The challenge of manifesting love in the physical creation is a huge challenge. I must enhance the health of my body in order to liver stronger longer.  

Mundane mind chatter, or signs of concern and even growth? Once written, thinking can be more easily evaluated - at least that's how it has tended to work for me. You may have your own way. 



Step 29 - I will observe myself today to learn of Knowledge. Entry from Step 28 - Review

Greetings All -

Step 29 - I will observe myself today to learn of Knowledge.


ON THIS SPECIAL DAY OF PRACTICE, observe yourself throughout the day, maintaining awareness of your thoughts and behavior as much as possible.To develop this quality of self-observation, you must be as free of judgment as possible, for judgment disables you from being observant.You must study yourself as if you were someone else with whom you can be far more objective.

WE SHALL PRACTICE ON THE HOUR TODAY. Each hour you will need to check in to see your thoughts and to observe your current behavior.This constant self-checking will enable you to become far more involved in your current experience and will allow your Knowledge to exercise its beneficial influence upon you to a far greater degree. Knowledge knows what you need and knows how to serve you, but you must learn how to receive. In time, you must learn how to give as well so that you may receive more. Your receiving is important because it enables you to give, and giving is the essence of fulfillment in this world. But you cannot give from an impoverished state. Therefore, your giving must be genuine, born of the overflowing receptivity that you have cultivated within yourself, within your relationships with others and with life.

EACH PRACTICE PERIOD NEED ONLY TAKE SEVERAL MINUTES but should be given your full attention.You need not close your eyes to do this, though if it is appropriate, it will be helpful.You may practice in the middle of a conversation with another. In fact, there are very few
circumstances that will prevent this moment of introspection. In practice you simply ask yourself, “How do I feel?” and “What am I doing now?” That is all. Then feel if there is something you must do that you are not doing. If there are no corrections to be made, continue on with what you are doing. If there are corrections to be made, make them as expediently as possible. Allow your inner guidance to influence you,  which it will do if you are not governed by impulses, fear or ambition. Observe yourself this day.

PRACTICE 29: Hourly practice.

This is the first practice that is done on the hour - an hourly practice. This will become a common practice. Being aware on the hour takes some doing. A chime on your watch, phone or computer can help. You might want to do this first one without any assistance just to see how it goes. 

Yesterday:   Step 28 - Review

The review this time was quite important, as the prayer it begins with had one phrase jump out at me: "I accept the miracles of my life as a demonstration of the presence of Knowledge."

From the Journal:

5:40 p.m. Aug 14 - Start S2K - Review -  The focus and exercises have helped me. I become even smaller and more humble in the world. Every interaction is subject to error and likewise learning. I'm getting caught up a little at work with this focus. 

In my past I do not find huge, big, ugly errors. Staying with M.E. - even that marriage has led to growth - and the children. Even though I would have loved bright - college bound kids, I've learned much more through David, Sarah and separation, divorce, single-parenting, special ed, and being open to help those young minds grow. 

Early on my radar for problems has helped me avoid things and situations that were harmful. This my risk management view.

In reality, this was the first cut on this issue. I sound way more together than I actually was. Let us observe ourselves - Step 29. That will be fun. 



Step 28 - Review. Entry from Step 27 - I have a Wisdom that I wish to discover. #S2K

Greetings All -

Step 28 - Review


“I ACCEPT MY KNOWLEDGE AS A GIFT FROM GOD. I accept my Teachers as my elder brothers and sisters. I accept my world as a place where Knowledge can be reclaimed and contributed. I accept my past as a demonstration of life without Knowledge. I accept the miracles of my life as a demonstration of the presence of Knowledge and I give myself now to cultivate that which is of the greatest good within myself to be given to the world.”

ONCE AGAIN WE SHALL REVIEW THE PAST WEEK OF PRACTICE, rereading all of the instructions and with each step reviewing what has transpired in your times of practice. Be sure to ask yourself how deeply you were involved in practice—how much you wanted to search and investigate, how carefully you examined your own experience and to what extent you felt motivated to penetrate whatever barriers that might exist.

OUR ONE 45-MINUTE PRACTICE PERIOD OF REVIEW will begin to give you a perspective on your development in this preparation. This is beneficial not only for yourself but for those whom you will serve in the future, for as you are receiving now, you will wish to give in whatever context and in whatever form is appropriate for you. You must understand how people learn and how people develop. This must come from your own experience and must represent the love and compassion that are the natural emanations of your Knowledge. Again do not let any doubt or confusion dissuade you from your true application.

PRACTICE 28: One 45-minute practice period.

Yes, this is the fourth review. Not even a full month. Good that you stuck with it. There are always urgent, but ultimately less important ways to spend your time. A goal here really is to save time. How that is the case will be seen in the Steps ahead. 

From the Journal:

7:30 A.M. August 12 - In S2K the task was to review the error and pain in situations in my life. to see how truth was being communicated by knowledge. It explains "The point of view of being served by your experience must be cultivated." ith this pov pain can lead to gain. This learning can be harsh. We seek pleasure and avoid pain - tht's basic, but excess pleasure can lead to pain as well. 

As far as I can tell - I'm on the path of my true function - regional cooperation - though that may be an incomplete notion. I am overwhelmed by the demands - burned out. I continue to go to Spirit for soul  restoration. Big energies are flying around - I'm focused on a separate view, more focused - yet open ended. 

I is a challenge - and I get depressed and over eat and under exercise. I see others who have a narrow focus - like the bicyclers. 

The thoughts here from my journal may be of little use to others except as a slight confirmation of the odd thinking that can be part of an introspective journey. Henry David Thoreau had far more interesting thoughts in "Walden: (Or Life in the Woods), so please don't bring up that comparison.