Step 1 - I am without Knowledge now. A few thoughts about beginning Steps to Knowledge

Greetings All -

January 1 begins with Step 1 - I am without Knowledge now.

The Step is self explanatory. Just do it.

Keeping a journal is recommended. That was discussed yesterday. If you have a Steps book, write your reactions and comments, highlight or underline points that strike you, and date the note. In this way, your Steps book can be a partial journal.

If you have the PDF, you can print out pages as you need them, or use the software to maintain a digital copy where you can enter notes and highlight text that stands out.

Other modern methods of keeping a journal include having a document on your PC or phone to keep notes. You could send yourself an email or use the voice recorder function. It is important to capture insights and reactions because it is by this means that you can understand change. Sometimes it may just be a word or short phrase, an image or a scene.

Nearly everyone has had the experience of having a great thought or invention idea, then a few hours or days later trying to remember it with no luck and utter frustration. This is a common problem.

Yesterday I provided a link to a one page document that gives a simple method for a journal. It begins:
 R. Buckminster Fuller, designer of the geodesic dome and global thinker, said: "you have ten minutes at your disposal to put an idea into action before it goes back to dreamland."

The simplest action is to record your idea; write it out, sketch it, record in audio or video, and note date/time.

So, the practice itself comes from a good source. Drawings or other visualizations are other important languages of the self. Here's that link: http://goo.gl/kgX0d9

It is important to do each Step from where you are. I'll offer my experiences from notes on the day(s) after the Steps so as not to affect anyone's experience. For a zero effect, don't even read what I post in the coming 365 days.

Reading Greater Community Spirituality and the Wisdom Books - I and II is useful and important. Hard copies are available from the New Knowledge Library Store. The Society also has a Free Book Project.

If you need the books now, epub or PDF files can be found here: http://goo.gl/RJuuGP

To end this post I again offer the blessing: "May the presence of the Teachers be with you."

In the invocative language of  Knowledge this blessing is: "Nasi Novare Coram" (pronounced NAH-see no-VAHR-ay co-RAHM)

The short form of Nasi Novare Coram used by students is NNC.