Step 2 - Knowledge is with me. Where am I? ~ We are on our way

Greetings All -

January 2 - Step 2 - Knowledge is with me. Where am I?

The time commitment is the same as for Step 1 - three ten minute practice periods.

I began with Step 1 on June 27, 1999 - a Sunday. There are two pages of notes in my journal, none of which I feel would be of much help. What I will share is the page from my Steps book:

This demonstrates a few things. Note that I've dated the start. Different years are in different color inks. The time of the #1 practice is on the page. Only 2014 has all times - because I was going to use the picture.

I've done Steps (or S2K-the shorthand term I use in the journal) five times prior to 2014. In the periods between, the 88 Steps of Continuation Training were done 17 times, as recorded in the book. Having a daily Steps practice I've found to be important.

At the very top you can see in the green ink: "Knowledge = Holy Spirit" That thought was presented in Chapter 26 of Greater Community Spirituality as follows:

Chapter 26 – Who is Jesus?
Jesus set into motion a direct relationship with the Divine through the intermediary of the Holy Spirit, which in Greater Community understanding would be defined as Knowledge itself. This relationship emphasized the Divine reality within each person and the possibility for personal revelation and spiritual development. Humanity has been struggling with this ever since, yet it is a remarkable achievement that Christianity is present in the world and that it is accepted by millions of people in different countries, from different cultures and backgrounds. This is a religion for international civilization, as is true of many of the other religious movements that were initiated in the world and that have advanced into a more modern age.
Also in green is: "S2K = ACIM" As explained earlier, I had been a student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) since 1987. Here at the beginning, this was my projection of it onto Steps. ACIM was an important teaching to me, but it is not Steps.

Such recognitions were part of my learning. This shows how page notes and dates can be part of your journal.