Step 7 - Review - Entry from Step 6

Greetings All -

Step 7 - Review

Time commitment - Two 30 minute practice periods. There will be Review exercises regularly. They are an important part of the Steps Practice.
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Yesterday, Step 6 - I have a true foundation in the world.

Today I handled it with more understanding than I had the first time.

My July 2, 1999 my #1 entry went like this: 

7:11 I'm 52 - since forever, I've been a stranger in a strange land. I felt I was adopted as a child. I looked for the papers in the secretary. Science fiction was of interest for a long time. I was very connected to God/Jesus through the Lutheran Church. My foundation was in spirit.

I've always been a reader. When I got into political, social science and philosophy, I questioned religion. I realized early that this was a fear enforced morality. I supported desegregation ideas and was anti war, but not an activist. I held back from fear. 

I was only an agnostic never an atheist - through M.E. (first wife) took me to be that. Once connected to the Chapel and open to the reality of channeling - my E.T. connection and interest became known to me. 

Looking at the varieties of human skill and abilities, I felt we had to be coming from elsewhere - from repeat trips. As a college senior I conceived a story where the age of the soul would be a function of IQ/intelligence. Einstein, for example, must have been a very old soul.

Soul progression was also a thought. Since world population had grown - I wondered too, where all the new souls came from ? There must be another source, or earth souls started as lower life forms - Hindu sys - ? and moved up. Extinction of species was needed perhaps as souls moved on to greater complexity in biology. 

My goal in life has been and continues to be the integration of specialized information to see the greater whole - which is ever expanding. On the physical earth plane I test our as a specialist with intuitive thinking modes. 

Where is my foundation? In spirit and service to the creation. That service is not servitude - but engagement as a co-creator at a lower magnitude. 

I'm trying to understand life here - even as I live, breath, change and grow. My body moves along pushed by its DNA - which may be pushing me too. 

I don't clearly understand either side/or the mufti-dimensional sides - I only trust that they are there and believe that were I traumatized, lost and not even knowing I was lost - that Spirit would seek me out - and return me. 
Pretty jumbled there, covering a lot of my personal history in trying to think about my true foundation in the world.

As you do your review, think of how much better it would be to have some journal entries so you can remember what came to mind a few days ago when you did a Step. Maybe it is time to get a composition book?