Step 3 - What do I really know? Entry from Step 2

Greetings All - 

January 3 - Step 3 - What do I really know?

The time commitment - three ten minute practice periods.

Step 2 ignites a few brain cells. My evolving method here is to do the Step of the day and at the end of the day, midnight, look back to the journal for the entries on the day I first did the Step - June 28, 1999

Here's the Steps page as of today.

 A few phrases that stuck me are underlined. Reading my entries, I offer a few excerpts:

7:15 A.M. Monday, June 28 - What is knowledge? I don't know. 

S2K - #2 - Where am I? - I've asked this often, but not in relation to knowledge. At this moment, physically I'm is a safe place...

10:42 p.m. - Where am I? #3 On the edge of Knowledge; on the planet earth. In the stinky creation? No - that's not the right attitude. I am an embodied spirit. This awareness has come and remained. I can reasonably accept GCW I - having had some of the experiences. Attacked for Knowledge is a good one - have had that before - so being "not-that-smart" helps.

Does it help to have written this in my journal? For me yes, though to you it may be boring or self-indulgent. 

Anything new, any progress in what I recorded today - 15 years later? Yes

During the day some thoughts came to mind that I want to pass on. 

1. Keeping track of time is much easier today. Cellphones have built-in timers or you can get a PC app. In 1999 I had to buy a countdown timer from Radio Shack.

2. Is this New Age? I was asked this recently at a conference when I gave a religion professor a link to the book:  The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe  (You can read this also while doing Steps to Knowledge) 

I said no, it wasn't New Age. It was more Puritanical in that it focuses on work in the world.

Many New Age teachings imply that things can be made better simply by changing thoughts. No heavy lifting required. The thinking and actions of others will also be changed without an effort to learn on their part. 

Steps enabled to get, to my thinking, a new map of the world and in that world, an ability to find one's relationship to God and others, which is via Knowledge/Holy Spirit. It is by this means one can answer the question: Where am I? 

We can do it for our location on earth using GPS - the Global Positioning System read-out on our phone, PC or in-vehicle GPS device. What I/we seek is our SPS - Spiritual Positioning System location.

Only 363 Steps to go.