Step 15 - I shall listen to my experience today. Entry from Step 14 - Review #S2K

Greetings All -
Step 15 - I shall listen to my experience today.

REALIZE THAT THE TRUE CONTENT OF YOUR MIND is buried beneath all that you have added since the day you were born.This true content wishes to express itself in the context of your current life and current situation.To discern this you must listen carefully and in time realize the difference between the true content of your mind and its messages for you and all the other impulses and wishes that you feel. To separate thoughts from Knowledge is one of the great accomplishments which you will have an opportunity to learn in this course.

THE ONE PRACTICE TODAY OF 45 MINUTES will be devoted to inner listening.This will require that you listen without judgment of yourself, even if the content of your thoughts is disturbing. Even if the content of your thoughts is disagreeable, you must listen without judgment to allow your mind to open.You are listening for something deeper than the mind, but you must go through the mind to get there.

PRACTICE 15: One 45-minute practice period.

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Yesterday, Step 14 - Review 

From the Journal:

As it turns out, I did the Review a day late - July 10, 1999. Here is what the journal looks like - hope you can read it. Yes - green ink - kind of distinctive. I use a mechanical pencil now - ink pens don't do well on airplanes.



A reference is made to Krishnamurti, who dealt with the "what is" in many of his talks. I was introduced to his work about 1970. I've not read his works for years, but his clear thinking and writing were very helpful to me. There is an  online repository of his teachings.


The important thing in Steps is to keep moving. One wants to get everything out of a Step, but that really isn't possible.