Step 6 - I have a true foundation in the world. Entry from Step 5

Greetings All - 

Step 6 - I have a true foundation in the world.

Time commitment - Two 15 to 20 minute practice periods.
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Yesterday, Step 5 - I believe what I want to believe.

With some self-honesty, we probably can enumerate our beliefs. 

July 1, 1999 my #1 entry went like this:

S2K - What I am and what I have today is my starting point.

I'm already in motion. I believe that cooperation is an effective way to solve problems. What I see is many barriers to achieving that on a broad scale, yet at the same time it is occurring because of the economic forces. 

I want to minimize pain - pain caused by domination and failure to educate. My joy is to build - and that can only be done with others. Teaching is to open doors - there are students - all students which exceed the material results of their teachers, mentors.

What so I hope for - in my time - peace and progress, a continuation of physical comfort - recognition for the wealth I've helped create. 

A little self-serving at the end and something that shows where my ego was at the time. Belief is a tricky thing. Beliefs affect our behavior, so we need self evaluation. Steps provides a path to do so.