Step 30 - Today I will observe my world. Entry for Step 29 - I will observe myself today to learn of Knowledge.

Greetings All -

Step 30 - Today I will observe my world.


THIS DAY OBSERVE YOUR WORLD, following the same practice plan as practiced the previous day. Observe your world without judgment and observe what you are doing in the world without judgment.Then feel if anything needs to be done. Again, your hourly practices take but minutes, and as you practice, they will become more swift, more keen and more effective.

WE WISH FOR YOU TO VIEW THE WORLD without judgment, for this will enable you to see the world as it really is. Do not think that you have seen the world the way it really is, for what you have seen is your judgment upon the world. The world you will see without judgment is a different world than you have ever seen before.

PRACTICE 30: Hourly practice.

Doing hourly practice takes discipline. Work at it. I still have to do so. 

Yesterday:   Step 29 - I will observe myself today to learn of Knowledge.

There are some Journal entries for this day, but they don't relate to the Step.

10:05 A.M. - Saturday, August 14 - ...
The debriefing - what do we really know. How do we know? As above, so below. As below, so above. There is macro/micro - it is always a matter of scale. Like the map problem - scale is not the only measure of accuracy.

Science is the mapping of our context. We then use our knowing to alter our environment - to build, engineer one that extends our capability. 

Having a map that works reasonably well may confer power on some - but the map is not the territory, as semantics tells us. 

6:30 p.m. ... Went to the Greater Community Website. There was a Mufon interview which really sets out a reasonable scenario. My mind serves the Creator. I align with the Christ Spirit. The challenge of manifesting love in the physical creation is a huge challenge. I must enhance the health of my body in order to liver stronger longer.  

Mundane mind chatter, or signs of concern and even growth? Once written, thinking can be more easily evaluated - at least that's how it has tended to work for me. You may have your own way.