Step 14 - Review - Entry from Step 13 - I want to be separate to be unique. #S2K

Greetings All -

Step 14 - Review

ONCE AGAIN REVIEW ALL THE PRIOR LESSONS GIVEN. In this Review reread the instructions that have been given in each step. Also review all of your practice sessions to determine the depth of your involvement in practice and the results that you have experienced. Throughout your study plan, you will be investigating the content of your own experience.This will build upon itself and eventually will reveal to you the realization of your own Knowledge.

SPEND ONE PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY of approximately 45 minutes to review all of the instructions and to review the results and quality of your practice.Tomorrow we shall begin the next stage of our preparation together.

PRACTICE 14: One 45-minute practice period.

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From the Journal:

7 A.M. July 8, 1999 - VA Beach. VAPDC


Rolled in at 1 A.M. - Sleep at 3 A.M. Up now because this is when I get up. On the balcony - looking at the calm Chesapeake Bay - and enjoying the cooler A.M. What shall I experience here? Companionship with those seeking to promote cooperation.


S2K #13 - "I want to be separate to be unique." This is presented as our true belief, not an affirmation. Pure ACIM - I am to think about this for two 15 minute periods. I'm already committed to unity and have experienced the Holy Instant of connectedness and the PAO pulsation of the connected universe, the heartbeat of creation.  Working the surface reality remains tasking. I've turned to GC as perhaps a source of tools to help reveal the oneness to others. That our bodies, our families, our cultures, our organizations, our states and nations are separate, contrary and competitive is clearly the way of the world. My small part is quite challenging - yet invisible- it is by faith that I proceed. The message of GC is more tempered - realistic - like the guides were too complex in ACIM when it was first introduced, so they've introduced a lite version. Communicating earth's own unity to itself may be more challenging than they thought. Then there are the photon folks - those that are going for DNA re-engineering or awakening. That begins a major step Aug 11 and runs for 29 days.


I float out in the hinterlands of the Shenandoah Valley at a mental crossroads and wait for truth to emerge. I am grounded in the earth - and do my best within the environment I find. I choose life and I serve Father/ Mother/God - the Christ consciousness in this vast co-creation. GC provides tools thus far - heart food is what I seek. Amen & Amen T-om


As one can see, I was full of energy on this day, seeking to integrate what I'd studied and connect it to the Greater Community material. ACIM is "A Course in Miracles," which I'm viewing here as too complex, only 13 days into Steps.


PAO means the Planetary Activation Organization, which is the work of Sheldan Nidle. He and Virginia Essene published: "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human" in 1994 which I and many of my friends had read.


The mix of physical and spiritual messages was both interesting and confusing, as the spiritual message was not the same in all cases. Different races had different creation stories. At one point I read that the Sirians complained that the problems with humans was that they'd listened to the Pleiadians too much. This struck me as competition, drive a Ford instead of a Chevy or Toyota.


The bleed-in of ET messages on spiritual channels caused me to look for older channelings to see at what time they began to appear. Based on what I could find in used book stores, ET voices didn't show up until the 1960's.


From learning about alien abductions on Sightings, the Fox TV show, I got the sense that humans were being treated as lab rats, but went with the general thought that like there are good and bad humans, there would be good and bad ETs.


Meeting Marshall Vian Summers in 1997 and hearing that all ET presence was an intervention was hard to accept, though I was already suspicious of the messages.


With year 2000 rapidly approaching, there was much anxiety about the future - just as we were hearing about in advance of 2012. The Y2K issue in computers was real and, because the negative scenario of catastrophic failures caused governments, companies and people to act - serious problems were avoided.


I've provided much more history than you might have wanted, but if you were aware of this New Age material 20-25 years ago, your experience might have been similar.


A clear goal of Steps is that we develop discernment - a useful skill for all adults in any situation. Hopefully my journal will demonstrate in retrospect, some such advancement over the coming year.