Step 17 - Today I want to hear the truth. Entry from Step 16 - Beyond my mind is Knowledge.#S2K

Greetings All -

Step 17 - Today I want to hear the truth.

THE DESIRE TO HEAR THE TRUTH is something that is both a process and the result of true preparation. Developing the ability to hear and the desire to hear will yield to you that which you seek. The truth is utterly beneficial to you, but at first it can be quite shocking and disappointing to your other plans and goals.This you must risk if you wish to have the certainty and the empowerment that the truth will bring to you.The truth always brings resolution of conflict, always provides an experience of self, always gives you a sense of current reality and always provides direction for you to move

TODAY, IN YOUR THREE 15-MINUTE PRACTICE PERIODS, practice listening to the truth, trying to listen beyond the mind and emotions. Again do not be concerned if all you hear is the rushing about of your own thoughts. Remember, you are developing listening.That is the most important thing. Like exercising a muscle in the body, you are exercising the faculty of mind called listening.Therefore, this day practice listening, taking these practice periods to devote yourself so that you may feel the truth arising within you.

PRACTICE 17: Three 15-minute practice periods.

Yesterday,  Step 16 - Beyond my mind is Knowledge.

Finding time to do the exercises is often a challenge. It is worth making the time.
From the Journal:

Reading the journal produced a surprise today. I learned (remembered thanks to the notes I put in the book, not in the journal) that I'd stopped after Step 15 on July 10 and did not resume with Step 16 until August 1, 1999, after completion of Volume II of Wisdom From the Greater Community.

There are some interesting thoughts in the intervening days which I may put in a later entry. The key thought here may be that the three books, Greater Community Spirituality, Wisdom I and Wisdom II, are a basic foundation. Of course, in 1014, much more material is available, but without the three initial books, it might be more difficult.

I stopped, then returned, and it didn't hurt my practice. So, this is something others might need to do. Judging by my journal entries, I did keep some meditation going. Also, I started on a Sunday, which meant reviews would come on Saturday, a normally convenient day to set aside time.

Students can shift their practice so that weekly or bi-weekly review fall on a day that is best for their regular schedule or, at least, this student did.

This blog will chug on at a Step a day, but students need not be so concerned about the date as the sequence. When ever one begins Steps, they will be able to use the archive Steps of the blog in sequence, or stop and pick up, again in sequence by number rather than by date.