Why am I doing this anyway? Bonus question between Steps 9 and 10

Here - after Step 9 - before Step 10 - this is thrown in by The Teachers.
Why am I doing this anyway?
Why are you doing this anyway?
Why are you asking such questions?
Why do you seek for greater things?
Why are you exerting the effort?
These questions are inevitable. We anticipate them. Why are you doing this? You are doing this because it is essential. If you wish to live anything greater than a purely superficial and unstable life, you must penetrate deeper and not be confident based only upon weak assumptions and hopeful expectations. There is a greater gift awaiting you, but you must prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. Without Knowledge, you are unaware of your purpose. You are unaware of your origin and your destiny, and you will pass through this life as if it were a troubled dream and no more.