Review of Final Steps and Continuation - Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing ~ Spiritual Practices

Greetings All –

As 2016 is a leap year, there are 366 days, so on December 31, 2016 there is an option to do a review of the final Steps. There are no directions, but you do know how to proceed.

In 2017 or the next year depending upon when you’ve reached this Step, Steps to Knowledge should be repeated a second time, or if this is completion of a second time, then you may go on to the Continuation Training. If having another person’s journal entry is useful, you can find the first time series beginning January 1, 2016 in the archives of this blog.
Beginning January 1, 2017, posts will set up blog pages to enable self-paced practice that can begin any day of the year, or repeat as is one’s need.