Step 257 - Life is greater than I had ever realized. Entry for Step 256 - The world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds.

Greetings All –

LIFE IS GREATER THAN YOU HAVE EVER REALIZED and certainly greater than you have ever imagined. Its greatness is born of the fact that you live in a Greater Community of Worlds. Its greatness is born of the fact that Knowledge is the essential aspect of yourself which you carry within you. The greatness of life is affirmed with the presence of your Teachers and the presence of all who prepare to reclaim Knowledge with you.

THUS, YOU HAVE A GREATER PURPOSE IN A GREATER UNIVERSE. Thus, you can see your world in its proper context. Thus, you can see yourself in your proper context, for you will play a small part in the greater evolution of the world, and your part will be essential. It will be within your range and grasp to accomplish. Something small done for something great means that the smallest contribution bears the greatness of that which is served. This redeems you to yourself; this redeems you to life. This casts away all darkness and dispels all negative imagination, for you are serving a greater life.

IN YOUR LONGER PRACTICES ENGAGE YOURSELF in trying to comprehend the meaning of today’s idea. Use your mind meaningfully. Use it actively and objectively, for this is the purpose of your mind.

PRACTICE 257: Two 30-minute practice periods.

“THIS IS A STATEMENT OF TRUTH regarding the evolution of your world. It gives meaning and direction to your understanding of your participation and your contribution in the world.” Probably no one gets to this Step without having considered the existence of intelligent life beyond earth at some point in their life. How that life, which appears to have communicated to humanity already by showing up in the skies as UFOs, represented in books, TV shows and movies as Extra Terrestrials, or as communicators bringing help for the New Age. Since the Hubble telescope expanded our views of the universe in the 1990’s, an earth and human-centric view of the universe was more difficult to hold for a thinking person, as well as how to determine the relative location of heaven. This greater universe implied for me an even Greater Creator. Here are a series of images attempting to show the observable universe and Earth’s place in it.


From the Journal:

6:15 a.m. Wednesday, March 29, 2000 –

Such a life. Where am I on the path? Not a clue. Ever seek – and what contentment? Where you are?

The world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds. This, the text says, is "an affirmation of purpose." You "cannot hold a small vision of the world."

The PDC is a hub for small things which serve the region. Collectively they are big, but they can't be acknowledged as such – for it minimizes local government.

I've always held a large view of the world. Doing that while being locally connected is the challenge. Staying connected to the world – being in it – has always been a challenge for me.

The GC work is helpful because it gives me a framework for balance. I'm not as radical as I might be – an environmental activist – but take plenty of risks within the system to promote cooperation.

- The framework for cooperation has to come from investment at higher levels – State/Federal/Foreign aid/Endowment/Foundations.

- Many uncoordinated decisions are going to come home to roost in the next few months for the local governments.

– My vision – a visible regional network. Visible regions

- This is simple, focused – but how would Knowledge have me proceed?
The S2K/knowledge model feels Puritanical – perhaps endorsing that view, with a Henry David Thoreau/Walt Whitman transcendentalism.

Earth is now in a ramp-up phase w/o continuous integration. The philosophical base is out there: Deming's Total Quality customer/owner.

You own what you buy. What your energy contributes to.
2:10 p.m.
The Medical Center is an amazing place to find in Winchester. I'm going with the flow still at the PDC. By Exec. Dir./Exec Planner title will work for my future where I wish to be involved as a Strategic Planner – I'm still employed…and I need that. Knowledge is! And it provides my direction.

2:48 p.m. Practice #2 – Yes – emergence into GC is moving closer. Contact has occurred, is occurring, and a variety of sources interpret these facts. There is no public, governmental admission. What it would mean for mass society to Know "we are not alone" and "we are not the crown of creation" is unknown.

It could be a sigh of relief or shock – or all types – including denial. The mental strength of alien populations – the focus of insect colonies – termites/ants – is projected.

What skills would I have? Facilitate cooperation. Diplomat - ? Hardly.

The recognition of local networks, their strengthening and
> online index of regions – people belong to regions that they are unaware of.

I’d been concerned about the ET abduction phenomena since learning about it on the Sightings TV show in the 1990s. I felt humans were being treated as lab rats, but was also aware of the more spiritual messages offered by some channeled voices. What is it all really about? Steps and related materials from Marshall Vian Summers will help us sort that out. Again, the Step begins:  “THIS IS A STATEMENT OF TRUTH regarding the evolution of your world.” Not in the obtuse language of science, but in plain language it says “evolution” is real, it is the program of life where we live. Let us continue.


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