Step 270 - With power comes responsibility. Entry for Step 269 - The power of Knowledge will extend itself from me.

Greetings All –

WITH POWER COMES RESPONSIBILITY. Knowledge will empower you, and you must be responsible to Knowledge. That is why you must become a follower. By becoming a follower you become a leader, for you are able to receive and you are able to be guided. Thus, you will teach others to receive and provide guidance for them. This is a natural extension of the gift that you are now receiving, which in time will find expression through you in your life.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU RECOGNIZE the relationship between power and responsibility. Responsibility requires self-discipline, self-restraint and self-control. It requires an objectivity about your own life which very few have yet attained in this world. Responsibility is a burden until it is recognized as a source of protection. It is the guarantee and the assurance that your gift will find a wholesome and welcome expression within you and that you will be advanced and accomplished by the rendering of your contribution.

IT IS VERY COMMON IN THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE want power without responsibility, for their idea of  freedom is that they are not beholden to anything. This is utterly counter-productive and has very dangerous consequences for those who persist in attempting it. You  who are a student of Knowledge must learn to accept the  responsibilities that are given to you, for they provide the protection and the guidance that you need so that you may develop appropriately, positively and completely. They are the assurance that your preparation will yield the great result that it is meant to yield.

THINK OF THIS IDEA UPON THE HOUR and do not forget it today. In your deeper practices, think very carefully about what this statement means. Think of your ideas about power and recognize how much they need responsibility to a Greater Source in order to be utilized and expressed appropriately. These two practice periods will be times of mental activity and application. Think very carefully of all your ideas surrounding the lesson for today.  It is quite essential that you examine your own thinking and beliefs, for you must understand your current mental make-up in order to realize its impact upon your outer life. Today’s lesson may seem sobering at first, but in time it will give you the confidence and the assurance that you will need to progress wholeheartedly.

PRACTICE 270: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Another challenging Step. How so?

ACCEPT THE RESTRAINT AND DEVELOPMENT that are called for now, for they will protect you and enable you to render your gifts with a minimum of discord and personal risk.”

Is that what I was seeking? I just wanted some understanding, some enlightenment perhaps. Now – “personal risk.” OK – lets go on.

From the Journal:

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

9:35 p.m. Spent all day getting out letters for the 30th anniversary.

Regions Work – Regional Community

I talked to A. G. about my ICMA funds. He is going to look at the options and make some recommendations. I'd like to work with him as a Broker. I need this pillar to be shored up.

Driving back from Strasburg Rotary it came to me that, "You can't have smart government w/o smart business people. The rules are different – but business people know investment. If they don't they aren't really in business.

Sustainability requires living below your means so there is money to invest. All dividends are not distributed.

20 minutes is all the stillness I can do…

 – My efforts today seemed uncoordinated – the technology wasn't working. If I had tested one letter – I wouldn't have printed all too high and then faced with reprinting stationery. That's a lesson I should have remembered…

11:20 p.m. The problem with the PDC changes is that they are taking my consultant based business PDC and changing it to a bureaucracy.

The day summed up: 20 minutes is all the stillness I can do…

 – My efforts today seemed uncoordinated –

You may have days like this. Let us continue.


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