Step 258 - Who are my friends today? Entry for Step 257 - Life is greater than I had ever realized.

Greetings All –

YOUR FRIENDS TODAY ARE ALL WHO ARE RECLAIMING Knowledge and all who have reclaimed Knowledge. Your friends tomorrow will be all who will reclaim Knowledge. Therefore, everyone is either your friend or will become your friend. It is only a matter of time, and time can only seem long to those who dwell within it without purpose. But to those who dwell in time with purpose, time moves swiftly and brings about this great result.

WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS TODAY? Everyone is your friend or will become your friend. Therefore, why have an enemy? Why call another an enemy who is in opposition to you, for they will become your friend. Knowledge will join you. You are reclaiming Knowledge, so you are paving the way for this. 

WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS TODAY? Your Teachers and your Spiritual Family and all who reclaim Knowledge. Thus, your range of friendship is enormous. There are many avenues in the reclamation of Knowledge, but the essence of learning is always to become engaged with Knowledge itself and to allow Knowledge to express itself through you. Thus, the universe is filled with your friends—some of whom you may recognize and some of whom you may not be able to recognize, some of whom you will be able to involve yourself with and some of whom you will not be able to involve yourself with, some of whom you will be able to accomplish things with and others whom you will not be able to accomplish things with. It is all a matter of time.

REPEAT THIS IDEA UPON THE HOUR. Witness it as a signpost of reality for you. In your deeper practices, enter into stillness and silence so that you may experience the depth of your relationship with your true friends. Your life is filled with love. It is filled with the result of all those who are reclaiming Knowledge now. Your desire for Knowledge is motivated by all those who still refuse to reclaim Knowledge, for they in the future will be your friends as well. Given this viewpoint, you will recognize that even those who will be your friends in the future are in actuality your friends today, for they are serving you, and they are asking that you serve them through your accomplishment with Knowledge.

PRACTICE 258: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

This paragraph:

 Led to this question:

The journal entry is somewhat detailed. It begins with my recording my daylight-disk experiences. I did not know that term at the time. Later I was told that such things are Iridium Flares, a reflection from an orbiting satellite. Over the next few years I’ll have three other instances. No missing time or anything like that.

Prior to becoming a Student I thought E.T. contact would be interesting, but have come to be even more protective of my personal space.  I surround and protect myself with the Love and the Grace of God. I was taught that back in the 1980’s – many spiritual practices demonstrate the common roots of all of the Creator’s teachings for us.

5:20 p.m. March 30, 2000 – Begin Blue Sky

Out of green and blue to blue. [change of ink color in the journal] The transition wasn't that hard I guess. Today I went to Warrington for a DEQ meeting. Returning on Route 17, I looked up in the sky and saw a silver oblong shape in the sky. It flashed as if it were a silver airliner that just caught the sun. In fact, I’d just seen the same thing in the Valley a few days before. I assumed it was a plane headed for a Dulles landing that had caught the sun. It looked like a typical UFO video/picture and, assuming it was the sun off an airliner, I thought, "That really looks like a UFO – no wonder people think there are UFOs."

Today I saw the same flash and, once that subsided, I was looking for the plane which should have been visible on this very clear day. There was no plane anywhere in the sky. As I compared this sighting to the Front Royal one, I started to think both were possibly UFOs for me – my first – and very low on my radar. I'll keep watching. It made me think of Truth as a pick up point.

Stranger & stranger.

8:49 p.m. Long Practice – "Life is greater than I had ever realized." This is to be an active process. The evolution of the creation. How much did it take to manifest the first atomic particle? I thoughts as I was driving to Warrenton – on I-66 – moving so quickly in a car through this environment.

Being in the world, not of it – reflection on the present life/environment and every movement it took to get this place – which is how far?

GCW notes the earth supports life easily. Other planets are not so habitable. Being in the flow with some perspective – which is now changing – broadening, I can see myself in the picture – and now the picture is changing at work. I'm confused, feeling lost, but glimpsing freedom too.

I worked too hard, didn't save or invest enough. That extra work is all lost it seems. Someday the files will be in the dumpster. I want to capture what I can.

Like ACIM, S2K suggests we each have a small part suited to our "range and grasp to accomplish."

In spite of my job-falter, I still sense it as "regions," since I continue to receive thoughts about the invisible topic.

I don't now want to focus only on income. I don't need a lot of money. Mostly I need time and a computer, and aloneness.

The many stories I've encountered in the metaphysical – space side of books and e-mail, even Urantia itself, hints at a greater universe – and Omniverse even – but S2K – plus Hubble space shots show vastness beyond comprehension.

And I'm here in body seeking to understand and to do my small part.

- I am free of the responsibility for success of the PDC. It will be institutionalized.

Why is it so hard to follow intuition and knowledge.

My investments are not what they might be. When things crashed in 1989 – I knew it was time to buy stocks – but I left too much in bonds.

I could've become more aggressive, but I didn't. Not paying attention. It makes me feel stupid – not building a foundation, I'm vulnerable.

Still – I don't need all that much to live – so is there a problem? If I had more I could give more. Maybe that's not my purpose. I'm confused.

10:35 p.m. I've reviewed future lessons up through the two week review. I’ve very far to go. Amen & Amen

This day was focused on the Step in the journal. Again, I find a correlation with ACIM – A Course in Miracles, in that our intended role is a small part. I’m decompressing – an unpretty unburdening. At the end I note that I’ve looked at the Steps two weeks ahead, something we’re told not to do.

Although it I did that, each step when I came to it was new. That is still the case. It is a matter of revisiting the practices in order to become deeper in Knowledge, though it still is some level of beginning. The Teachers say there are no masters on the earth. That idea will disappoint many, but that is not our concern now. We must continue on.


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