Step 347 - I allow my life to unfold today. Entry for Step 346 - I am in the world to work.

Greetings All –

ALLOW YOUR LIFE TO UNFOLD TODAY. Without your own internal disorientation, without the darkness of your own imagination and without your own confusion and conflicts, you may bear witness to the unfolding of your life. Today represents a step in the unfoldment of your life, in the emergence of your Knowledge, in the cultivation of your true comprehension and in the expression of your true accomplishments. Be attentive this day and learn to observe your outer life and your inner life objectively. In this way, you may experience what is truly there, and you will love what is truly there, for what is truly there is true and reflects love itself.

UPON THE HOUR REMIND YOURSELF to observe your life unfolding. Within your deeper meditation practices, in stillness and receptivity, observe your inner life unfolding. Observe your outer life and inner life unfolding together as they must. Here you will feel the movement of your life. Here you will know that your life is being guided and directed. Here you will know that all things that you truly value and hold most dear and everything that we have indicated in our preparation thus far are coming into being. Here you allow certain things to fall away and certain things to emerge. Here you govern the part of your life which is yours to govern, which is your thinking and behavior. Here you allow that part of your life which you cannot govern, which is your purpose, meaning and direction, to naturally emerge and express itself. Here you bear witness to your life, which this day is emerging and unfolding.

PRACTICE 347: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Written on the Steps page, copied from the Step: “All thinking is a replacement for Knowledge.” and “Knowledg will direct your thinking.” The journal had several pages of entry:

6:42 a.m. Tuesday, June 27, 2000 – "I am in the world to work." – Step 346 – asks what is work? I read the text last night and was primed for this reflection. Lots has passed through my mind already. I used to have a work ethic. The office has hampered that ---

The whole notion of life work gives a puritanical bent to S2K – not that Puritan is negative, though sometimes it appears harsh.

I have so many thoughts. I wish it were my job to think. I've no audience in print or talk to speak of. Just this journal. Someday these thoughts might be free to the world –T-om Su-ne Pundit. Thought – relationship of blacks to govt. compared to whites. The lives/culture of blacks more affected by law, by government than whites. Slavery allowed by law, – law had to end slavery, but then discriminatory law took over. Then civil rights had to get the government to honor its constitution. White domination – colonization –

So, I've had this thought, but where does the insight go?

Solving the relationship problems of the world – healing them. That is good work, but peoples like their separation because it is their identity.

The white culture hasn't been that strong. The oppressed cultures – Jewish, Afro-American, Native American – had stronger identities. I felt that in college. S2K in GC Wisdom talks about how stress creates focus. The life of ease and richness can be unchallenging. People with too much.

My life has become rich. I've been challenged along way – and in my work have been challenge greatly – though people don't understand. Regions Work – the theme evolved for my life is obscure to people – they just don't see the world that way. The land has been organized differently.

While I worked my spirit to understand who I am and where I am, it is the "whereness" of place that has been my focus. The thing of interest – human settlement and artifacts.

My work or illusion of work benefits greatly from the collective work of the families and souls preceding me – great and overwhelming stuff – the past 20/30/50 years of compounding technology driven by knowledge has converted much of the raw material of earth to consumer stuff – some will last, most will not because the designs are temporary, passages to better design. Toys which encourage more transactions faster – toys which respond to the demands of more transactions.

How can I be of use to humanity, be in service to the Creator and advance relationships for my spiritual family? This is work, not play – though playfulness is important to creativity – to connect with the Muses – unseen ones/teachers/spiritual family.

Within the manifest creation there are competing realities? So it seems. At this below, it is suggested above.

This Buddha –T-om Su-ne sits and shits as the cosmos passes through my mind. I'll go out soon to tackle the mundane details of work, my greater work of promoting regional cooperation – coordinating the actions of the simple.

The creation is in play. There are winners and losers in the short term. The context is greater community. How do we acquire intelligence and wisdom to choose life on a consistent basis? Sim earth – [like the game SimCity]

I believe I have a perspective that will contribute. My challenge is to voice my ideas and not have my feelings hurt by those who disagree.

I don't want to be a starving artist. Certainly I've missed many opportunities to build wealth through my indolence.

My soul/mind has faith that I will not starve – but there is fear/concern that my knowledge won’t be shared. Certainly that has been the case for thinkers on this planet.

I do not have the maturity to use the Knowledge I have. I get too distracted, though that consistently has fed my mind and led to ideas.

Every locality needs its own regional strategy. I want to be the Futurist in Residence.

8:52 a.m. How does the work of the world to get done? Why is there work? At what level does it take energy to maintain organization? Clouds of sugar found in space – the true Milky Way? The science POV – complex hydrocarbons part of the original stuff – not a product of planetary process.

What is the work of my Spiritual Family? Nurturing the built environment/integrating with Nature. Sure – that's my work path here…but where are my earthly peers? Have they all come and gone in my life – none nearby for support & vice versa?

10:25 p.m. I've done a lot of work to day. None of my bosses (Nora B---& Bev) approve. The Tributary Strategies meeting went well – good turnout, nice event – just as I planned. The award testimonials went very well – inspiring even. Robert Bricker introduced me as the Exec. Dir. I'm certain it miffed Bev. – Things are not so nice – they just don't like what's going on – I still have too much respect.
I think part of my problem was that I hired too many alcoholics.

11:03 p.m. Practice #2
"Your true work in the world is to discover your Knowledge and allow it to express itself through you."

"You are in the world to work. Therefore, apply yourself so that your application may reveal to you the source of your purpose, meaning and direction."

I have been doing this for years. Regions Work/Regional Intelligence is the outcome. It has meaning; it gives purpose – the struggle is direction – since the current one is shifted.

My next step is, as yet, unknown. Just hanging on in my& seat.

The text says we must think these things through.

11:45 p.m. To bed. My work – earlier tonight – being a webmaster of my regions work domain seem to be a way to use my talents, achieved my mission – even escape LFPDC. I need a web course, cable modem – and time to just do it. Citizens need to be free to not be limited by local boundaries. They need to see wholly. Looking regional is the first step to overcome boundaries.

Looking back on this day, I see progress and challenges to that success. Learning to navigate is a challenge. Let us continue.


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