Step 354 - I must experience my True Home while I am in the world. Entry for Step 353 - My True Home is in God.

Greetings All –

IN YOUR TRUE HOME YOU ARE HAPPY, you are included, you are complete, you are in relationship, you are a complete participant, you are essential and you are meaningful. Your True Home is incomprehensible to you while you are in the world. In fact, your True Home will be incomprehensible to you until you have fully arrived at your True Home, until your Spiritual Family has rejoined all other Spiritual Families and all joining is complete in the universe.

YET, EVEN THOUGH YOUR TRUE HOME IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE, do not think that it is beyond your reach. It is given you this day to experience your True Home, for you carry Knowledge within you. Your only limitation here is your capacity to experience and to express Knowledge. Yet, as you take each step and as you receive each step in your preparation, your capacity to experience relationship and communication grows. As you increasingly seek freedom from your own imagination and from your own isolated thinking, you experience your inclusion in life to an ever greater and greater degree. Thus, your evolution can be gauged in terms of your ever increasing capacity to experience relationship and communication and your ever increasing capacity to experience and express Knowledge. Thus, you are at home while you are in the world, for your True Home is growing within you in your own experience. The fire of Knowledge is growing more powerful, and its consuming benevolence is ever more evident as your mind becomes free, whole and directed.

UPON THE HOUR remember this and return to your True Home in your deeper practice periods. You are at home in the world. Therefore, you can be at peace in the world.

PRACTICE 354: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

This was a profound Step. The journal tells the story:

7:50 a.m. Tuesday, July 4, 2000 – Declaration of Independence

Local governments are all intentional. At some point, people got together, chartered a county or city or town – established its boundaries. That intention is transferred from generation to generation – all infrastructure, service decisions made on those boundaries. The boundaries are strong, fortified – taken as true.
Auto makes it regions possible, and necessary. Counties like cells on a leave, each with a county seat – a major nucleus. Where cells were once self-contained economically, now a greater geography is required for balance. A region.

I don't have a lot of friends socially – or need them – I have my Muses which bring these ideas to me.

Step 353 – "My true Home is in God." Is this my ministry? Is it regional cooperation? Is it cooperation?

9:20 a.m. This meditation – I stayed in the Still world, the true world. Here in the manifest world – the world which appears to move – I rest and wonder – What shall I do? Why move – when the still world feels so homey. Why bother with the world?

I'm only 3 days into the final lessons. If they keep on with this intensity – I'll disappear like Urantia says – soul-thought adjuster fusion.

9:37 a.m. Eon-ic minutes – God/Knowledge wants us to do something with regions because regions are cooperation – all life is cooperative – it is my small part/our small part.

> Structured manifestation – governments

> Can ideas stand on their own, do they need to be attached to people – Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton –

– This is a grand and not inconsequential manifestation.

11:22 a.m. So – on TV – Ch 70 [CSPAN BookTV] – I'm shown Madison, Jefferson and Hamilton – debating/discussing the design of the American government – Constitution and Bill of Rights – the trade-offs between the agrarian Jefferson with a natural democracy, and Hamilton's world leader/proactive government. Continued governance in a representative republic was what they designed, since the limit of democracy was to a small population.
Next I'm shown the story of longitude – and A&E movie I'd like to watch, though in seeing the story about making the film, I've seen most of the plot. A carpenter builds the chronometer which solves the problem, then is denied the reward.

Transfer to my task – I'm not a geographer, yet I have a theory of regions. It won't be acceptable to the powers – I'll be resisted all the way – and should not be surprised or discouraged. It is the nature of ignorance and rigidity.

It seems I've once again abandoned family – my children – to pursue public work which is not honored or recognized – even when it works. Still others do get financial rewards.

I can't be too concerned about the fairness of the world. I can attend to the pillars and strive for balance.

Spirit reaches through the veil and adjusts the flow. My true home is in God.

The trend of my life seems obvious; I'll attend to what comes from teachers and spiritual family.

Travel, trade and communications make it one world. Cultures are challenged – they win and lose. Those countries which can't protect their resources – have them exploited and wasted. All exploitation is not external. The U.S. suffered at its own hands.

All is settled –
5:05 p.m. At Truth… Su-ne – Since the shift to this point – I've not needed to go to Markham that often – though I do check in.

Today's step – "My true Home is in God" and its first practice was profoundly moving. I felt I needed to come here – the woods – where I have been guided and healed so – for the 2nd practice.

I spent time on the web – in an email this afternoon. It was frustrating… I'm getting further behind in the physical. There being no welfare – I don't know what the outcome will be. My energy is shifting and I get more quiet, yet the regional viewpoint appears in nearly everything. I seek my "others" and am patient.

The world feels homeless and lost – home, home family, home city, home state, home country, home planet. No one rests, for there are multiple claims on all ground. Many people are exiles and refugees from their own homeland. Ever truly comfortable, we feel homeless.

I've often felt homeless; not belonging – like I was adopted. I have no culture, no oppression like the Jews or Blacks I saw in college. Even here in the Valley – this is not my home – I'm just a visitor.

S2K text "You are at home even now while you are in the world, though the world is not your True Home.”

6:07 p.m. I come out of my 30 minute practices right near 30 minutes. This time – 16 seconds to go.
Today, this Step brought to mind again a song I’ve been recalling since the Final Lessons began – “Someday” by Los Lobos. Let us continue.

P.S. At Step 354, we are in the final lessons, 11 Steps from the end – Step 365. This is not the place to begin this Practice. If you’ve some interest due to this or other Steps, you should go to the beginning blog post. From here you will learn about Steps to Knowledge and can begin it on the day that makes sense; then progress as needed. You can use the posts on this blog as a companion if it helps. They will remain in order in the archives - one post per Step.

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