Step 331 - What is small expresses that which is great. (MP3) Entry for Step 330 - I will not neglect small things in my life.

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Step 331 - What is small expresses that which is great. (MP3) [Open in Drive or copy to your Drive – Download folder or play from Drive – Step PDF also.]

What is small expresses that which is great. Step 331

LOOK AT NATURE AROUND YOU. Look at the tiniest creature and realize the mystery of that creature’s existence, the wonder of its physical mechanism and the truth of its total inclusion in nature as a whole. The smallest creature can express the greatest truth. The simplest thing can express the power of the universe. Does a creature that is small express life and inclusion in life any less than a creature that is great? Using this analogy, realize that the smallest activity can embody the greatest teaching. Realize that the simplest word, the most common gesture, can express the deepest feeling and emotion. Realize that the simplest thing can add to your practice and confirm the presence of Knowledge within you.

AS YOU BECOME ATTENTIVE TO LIFE, you will begin to witness the mystery of life in all things. How great this will be for you who are now awakening from the sleep of your own separate imagination. The mystery of life will inspire you and call to you. It will confirm the mystery of your own life, which is becoming ever more real and demonstrative to you.

YOU MAY FEEL SMALL, but you express the great. You do not need to be great to express the great because greatness is within you, and your physical vehicle is small in comparison to it. Your reality is born of the greatness that is with you that wishes to express itself in the simplicity of your small vehicle. Here you understand that you are of the great and you are working through the small. Here you will not contradict the relationship between the great and the small, where the small must express the great, which it does naturally. Does a little creature have to attempt to express the great? No. The great merely expresses itself through the little creature.

THUS, IN YOUR LIFE—which at any moment may look small to you, which at any moment may look separate and confined—greatness is with you. Therefore, the small is utilized, confirmed, honored and blessed. Then, there is no basis for self-condemnation and hatred. All things great and small become appreciated, for all things great and small are together.

UPON THE HOUR, THEN, WITHIN WHATEVER SMALL TASK, within whatever expression or gesture and within whatever small view, allow the great to express itself. In your two deeper practice periods, come again into the proximity of that which is great within you. Re-enter the fire of Knowledge which purifies you. Take sanctuary in the sanctuary of Knowledge. Here you encounter the great completely. This is beyond all form. Here that which infuses all form and gives it purpose, meaning and direction awaits you to receive it. The small expresses the great, and the great blesses the small.

PRACTICE 331: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly

This is a thought provoking Step. In the first paragraph we are told: “Remember you are not attempting to escape the world, but are working on becoming powerful within the world.” All my life I’d not sought power.

So, on the page I ask:  “- in what way?”

In the next paragraph – “BE ATTENTIVE TO THE LITTLE THINGS YOU DO this day and do not neglect them. If you do not fear them, you will not resist them.” This led to a note at the bottom of the page:

The direction in Matthew 5:39 King James Version
“But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also, “had always been hard to understand. I wouldn’t really have an answer until I saw the response on the day of the 9/11 attack. Steps helped me get there. This question is not answered.

The page notes that day end with this:

I have done that, telling A Course in Miracles students that Steps to Knowledge provides “illusion management skills,” being next course after ACIM.
The journal records other items, as I seek to understand and apply Steps to my life.

9:15 a.m. At the Reston. Just made Sarah's plane – I had the wrong time. It was never emailed – I didn't check – I neglected a small thing. That is S2K Step 330 "I will not neglect the small things in my life." What is small? Why am I here? Ego or Spirit. I'll learn some scrap – no matter which.
Who wants my message? Spirit must know I need a customer, investor, a partner/s with some resources.

Practice –

5:50 p.m. Home – on the back porch. I went to Reston as intuited – spent a long time in Barnes & Noble reviewing the New Age section. On G.C. org site – UFO books were listed. I scanned some of them. Alien Agenda was interesting. There was also one about the Great Pyramid – which was rather interesting. It said the GP was first and all others were attempts by the Egyptians to emulate the first. It was a power point used to relay energy to spacecraft of the day.

An evolutionary theory was presented as part of the program. There are ten dimensions – yada yada yada – Aliens among us are either Traders or travelers – and are here for their own purposes. Much like S2K view – their interest is themselves.

The common thread in all things I read/scanned was that in the future we of humanity must be more cooperative.
Why regions? They will be valuable on the upside and the down side – when expanding and contracting.

S2K 330 – I will not neglect the small things in my life.

Leaving Barnes & Noble today I felt okay on the spirit side – I'm doing my work, my Practice – and I feel connected to the mission in the physical – make it work cooperatively. I don't/can't have everything to do that…but I'm OK.

It is on the physical side that I need to build power to implement my ideas. They won't pop into being w/o proof. Govt won't solve this the way community needs it. This is a Walmart universe – so… That's how it's done…

My goal is to design & build a system – not be a consultant on a job – that won't get it –

The public corporate database exists – it is not being used effectively.

Kentucky Fried Data

Government is good at collecting data, not at using it.

9:45 p.m. – Reading Cash Flow and understanding my issues – my options.
I must get cash flow – because this is the small thing I need for my work. – To date Spirit hasn't provided people or money – so this not being a welfare system – I'll need to get it myself – I don't have the perfect vision or the perfect skills for this work – but I can't wait – the focus must emerge – it will be in the physical & thus go by physical rules.

I can't count on govt – the theorists aren't there. Nor NGO – nor business – unless business sees benefit or people see benefit – citizens – neighborhood/regions – can see the former, but not the latter –

I’ve stuck to my impossible goal and learned many things over the years. Since overnight success takes at least 20 years, I have a bit more time. I began Regions Work in 1998, so by 2018, I might have a bit of success. When I first discussed the idea with Federal agency people I was told it was needed, it just couldn’t be done.

As you work on: “on becoming powerful within the world,” what you see as a need may not be seen by anyone else. You may be at such a point now, or may reach it in your field. Just being spiritual is not, we’re told, for most people. Even if living in a monastery or convent, one must develop the four pillars and be productive in the world.

Let us continue.


Journal second time x2 Step 330.  This is for those who have completed Steps once. Doing Steps with only the texts, messages and your life experience, including what you may have studied and practiced is your journey. I’m showing Step comments after the Step, so as not to influence you in advance. It is a wilderness trek to be left to your own wits, but then you can also listen more closely for guides, angels and teachers, always first saying: “I surround and protect myself with the Love and the Grace of God.” Thankfully, I was taught this practice in 1989.

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