Step 300 - I receive all those who are my Spiritual Family today. (MP3) Entry for : Step 299 - Nome Nome Cono Na Vera Te Nome

Greetings All –

Step 300 - I receive all those who are my Spiritual Family today. (MP3)  [Open in Drive or copy to your Drive – Download folder or play from Drive – Step PDF also.]

I receive all those who are my Spiritual Family today.
Step 300

RECEIVE THOSE WHO ARE YOUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY, who guide and assist you, whose efforts on behalf of Knowledge supplement your own and whose presence in your life is a confirmation that true community exists in service to Knowledge. Allow their reality to clarify your own, to dispel all the darkness of isolation and all of the weakness of individuality so that your individuality may find the strength of its true contribution. Do not dwell alone in your thoughts today, but enter into the presence of your Spiritual Family, for you are born of community and into community you now enter, for life is community — community without exclusion and without opposite.

REMEMBER THIS UPON THE HOUR TODAY. In your longer practice periods, engage your mind actively in attempting to understand the message that you are given today. Try to understand what Spiritual Family really means. Try to understand that it is intrinsic to you. You did not choose it. You are simply born of it. It represents your accomplishment in Knowledge thus far. All accomplishment in Knowledge is the reclamation of relationships, and your Spiritual Family are those relationships that you have reclaimed thus far in your return to God.

THIS WILL BE BEYOND YOUR COMPREHENSION, but your Knowledge will resonate with the message for today and the invocations that you have practiced in previous days. Knowledge will reveal what you must know and what you must do. You are not meant to be burdened with attempting to understand that which is beyond your comprehension. But you are given the responsibility to respond to the communication that is being given to you from the mystery of your own life and from the power of God in your life.

YOU ARE PART OF A SPIRITUAL FAMILY. You receive this through your experience, an experience which will confirm your participation in life and the great purpose you have come to serve.

PRACTICE 300: Two 30-minute practice periods

Another deep Step. It says: “Allow yourself to penetrate the mystery of your life, for the mystery of your life is the source of all meaning in your life, and it is this meaning which you seek today.”

I’ve come to use this image for the mystery of my life:

It is a fishing trawler heading out in the San Francisco Bay. Greater Community Spirituality – Chapter 3 – What is Life Force? Says: “You are the captain of your ship, but it is not up to you to determine where it is sailing and for what purpose. Even what your ship contains is beyond your authority. Consider these words carefully and do not make a mistake here. To become the captain of your ship is a responsibility and a power that few people have ever assumed. To become a true captain means that you are aware of everything concerning the protection, maintenance and well-being of your vessel and that you have respect for its secret cargo and its true destiny. While many people proclaim that they are the captain of their own lives, they have no idea what this means.”

This ship is heading into the mystery, it is me, it could be you.

The journal entry is short and reflects confusion:

8:05 a.m. Thursday, May 11, 2000 –

Confused by GCW – which says we are at risk from mental domination by alien races from the GC, but that our action can only come about in the smallest communities –

8:40 a.m. The world is fully in play – 6 billion people – yet I'm confused; it is confused – I'm a beginning student doing baby steps to understand community.

10 p.m. Comedies, sherbet w/chocolate chips – no relax, no satisfaction

I’m a beginning student; it is confusing. That was so long ago the earth only had 6 billion people. Now it is over 7 billion. Let us continue. This is the only source with answers.


Journal second time x2 Step 299.  This is for those who have completed Steps once. Doing Steps with only the texts, messages and your life experience, including what you may have studied and practiced is your journey. I’m showing Step comments after the Step, so as not to influence you in advance. It is a wilderness trek to be left to your own wits, but then you can also listen more closely for guides, angels and teachers, always first saying: “I surround and protect myself with the Love and the Grace of God.” Thankfully, I was taught this practice in 1989.

P.S. If you’ve some interest due to this or other Steps, you should go to the beginning blog post. From here you will learn about Steps to Knowledge and can begin it on the day that makes sense; then progress as needed. You can use the posts on this blog as a companion if it helps. They will remain in order in the archives - one post per Step.

Often it takes 18 months to get through the Steps once. For this blog, the pace is one-a-day, but it really makes no difference how fast you do it, only that you begin, persist and repeat. Posts here provide a trail that may let you have a virtual companion when and if you want one. One may have to study alone, as I did in the beginning. There are other Steps students blogging their experience and you might find a person more like you as a companion, or use a number of such Steps journeys. There are options as well through the Free School of the New Message.