Step 197 - Knowledge must be experienced to be realized. Entry for Step 196 - Review

Greetings All –

TODAY I WILL NOT THINK THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND Knowledge with my intellect or that I can conceptualize the greatness of life. I will not think today that by a mere idea or assumption I can fully gain access to Knowledge itself. Realizing this, I will understand what is required of me and what I must give to my practices, for I must give of myself.

YOU MUST GIVE OF YOURSELF. You cannot merely think of ideas and hope that they will answer your greatest need. Realizing this today, repeat your practice upon the hour and in your deeper meditations give yourself  completely to the experience of Knowledge. Enter into stillness. Allow yourself to be completely involved. With this you will exercise the power of your own mind on your behalf. You will then realize that you have the power to dispel distractions; you have the power to dispel fear; you have the power to dispel obstructions because your will is to know Knowledge.

PRACTICE 197: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Yesterday:  Step 196 - Review

From the Journal:

9:22 PM Saturday, January 29, 2000 – at the Albertson’s grocery store in Murphy. I'd just come from dropping Sarah and Lloyd off at their trailer.

We’d gone to the movie Galaxy Quest and afterwards, went to the Starbucks for a talk – I said they shouldn't be getting married if they didn't get along better.

Driving to their home – the talk kept going – and at the mobile home – the alcohol story fell out. 

I told her about being hurt as a child, ACOA – and being mad at God and wanting to die. I told her people drink, drug, eat to kill the pain and kill themselves. I told her how that God is not responsible for that – he gave us freedom to live – and in the middle of the bad, something good happens – and we stay living. That's our spirit – the mind and body – we leave behind.

In jail she prayed to God. I said that's why I took her and David to Church – so that when they had nothing they would have God – we know God is real.

More was said – I told her how kids from alcoholic families are drawn together…

I encouraged her to go to 12 Step – saying in 12 Step you forgive. …

I told them that knowing about dysfunctional families in the generations of alcoholics would help us live better and be forgiving. …

Afterwards it felt like I’d given Sarah and Lloyd – Knowledge about spirit – mind – body – and the pain that we deal with. … This is all well as needed for current healing.

11 PM - The long review – Step 196 – begins. All is quiet – here in Texas – back at David's. Review covers two weeks – Steps 183-196 – it has been within the last few days – I've understood the wisdom of the use of the word Knowledge.

My results in the world have been improving markedly: and "regions work" opportunities have been appearing.

Prior to finding Greater Community Spirituality, one of my theories, as it became clear that somehow we had chosen to incarnate on Earth, was that that there was a place somewhere in Heaven, like a café or Starbucks, where we’d once sat around talking and said, “Let’s go to earth and live in dysfunctional families; that will be fun.”

When I did the review today, July 15, 2014, it took several hours as I wrote down each Step and perhaps a key phrase which was striking. On January 29, 2000, things were quite different. I’ve included from the journal some of the material recorded; just to show how Knowledge had helped me navigate. My daughter still goes to 12 Step meetings; it’s her social life. How we get through life is a mystery. It is also a reason we search for understanding.


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