Step 206 - Love is flowing from me now. Entry for Step 205 - I will not judge the world today.

Greetings All –

LOVE IS FLOWING FROM YOU, and today you can attempt to experience this and to release those things that obstruct it. Without judgment, without illusion, without fantasy and without the limitations of a purely human viewpoint, you will see that love is flowing from you. You will see that all your frustration in life is your inability to experience and to express this love which wishes to flow from you. Regardless of the circumstances in which your  frustration arises, it is always because you cannot express love. Your evaluation of difficulties and dilemmas can certainly conceal this fact but cannot deny its existence.

UPON THE HOUR ALLOW LOVE TO FLOW FROM YOU, realizing that you do not need to engage in any form of behavior, for love will arise naturally from you like fragrance from a flower. In your deeper practices, allow your mind to become still so that love may flow from you. In this, you will realize the natural function of your mind and the greatness of Knowledge, which is within you but is not yours to own.

DO NOT LET ANY SELF-DEPRECATING IDEAS or self-doubts dissuade you from this opportunity today. Without your interference, love will flow naturally from you. You do not need to put on any pretense. You do not need to acquire any form of behavior for this to happen. Your behavior in time will represent that which flows from you naturally. Allow love to flow from you naturally today.

PRACTICE 206: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Today's news gave many chances to "not judge the world." Situations in Ukraine, Gaza-Israel and more, hyper-news, call us: "DO NOT BLAME THE WORLD TODAY. It is blameless, for it is merely demonstrating that Knowledge is not being adhered to. What else can it do but commit error and folly?"

The journal from 2000 did not reflect such issues the day of this Step, but I am continuing forward. Thanks to the internet, I was able to find links related to references made way back then.

From the Journal:

February 6, 2000

10:25 AM At the Lemurian site – yet another perspective through Germane – an emphatic name there. I'd always been adverse to Atlantis – and as I learned of Lemuria – warmer to that. S2K is above the fray of the Galactic civilizations. Can I do better – local planet regions/regions work?

11 AM Governance – we have plenty of governance. What is needed is cooperation among the units of governance – and incentives for cooperation. Since politics thrives on problems – the units which self-protect – use it to gain local power. The citizens must demand cooperation up the chain.

In interstate regions – the U.S. president should come to the table – such peace accords are equally important as Israel – Syria or North and South Korea.

Local officials will never be wrong. They only protect their boundaries. From the sky – looking at transportation networks – those disappear. People are free to move about the planet.

Earth humans can become self-aware of their planetary corporate vision and act upon it.

 – I don't envision this rant having wide circulation. I've got to develop a focus.

– Wake up earth – knowledge is available.

 [Map of Greater Community Beings B-1 to B-5 influencing the peoples of earth.]

Right after level of manifestation – there are limits/strengths/weaknesses

What is the best use of my time – things that unite humanity so it can be one in the face of separating GC viewpoints.

7:57 PM At Ed and Mary's today for their annual party. Alan White gave his astrological forecast period. Little gloom and doom. I had notes from last year – it hadn't been very accurate. Great focus is now on early May 3 – 5th or 14 days – April 28 – May 11 – earlier I'd set May 11 as my RW lunch date. That's Emily's birthday.

Given the perspective I've now gotten – the best use of my time is in structural ways (myplanetregions) that will support the unification of humanity. (myplanetregions)  or (localplanetregions) or (earthregionswork) 1earthregionswork

 [Brainstorming website URLs with local planet focus. Many years of thought will be needed]

– Living human here in body map – this is our living planet.

Which race, which culture shall dominate? None – can there be one language? Internet English – the Esperanto of 2000 – the language of the day.

All politics is local! We have only one local planet here.

The world has always been one. As the world was populated – this idea was considered – but not widely believed. Dealing at the surface of the earth – as populations grew – battles took place for physical control. Different races/cultures emerged – past each with their own Gods – their own heavens. Technology cultures dominated – or tried to. Those w/o humanity – Nazis – sell to those with a greater tolerance for diversity.

Wars demanded better communication systems. At the end of wars – the new systems were in place and could speed up communication for the peaceful ones.

Earth has grown – in 1972  [earlier publication 1967-68] it could see itself as one from its own satellite images. Now with the Internet – communication is one.

Sub Local boundaries remain – local being the whole of earth.

All local levels – nation, state, locality have governance systems.

On one earth, people wish to be free to move about the planet. The local boundaries are barriers to free movement. They must be made as transparent as possible – like osmosis – letting people through and leaving stuff behind.

9:26 PM I love my work. I hate my job. How do I get out? I think I've been betrayed - I want that to end. I know I haven't begun to forgive and until I end my judgment I will continue to put myself at risk

 1:40 PM Regionalize any data set – To take the names and addresses – towns/cities/zip code and sort by/CO/PD – the fact – for any two people they should be able to meet within a 45 minute drive. SHOW HOW the regions works – face time

<this could be a product>!

Face time – peer finders – chapter builder – whatever

Underlines, list numbering and notes on the Step page. 

 My "love for the world will naturally be expressed."


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