Step 200 - My thoughts are too small to contain Knowledge. Entry for Step 199 - The world I see is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds.

Greetings All –

YOUR THOUGHTS ARE TOO SMALL, for Knowledge is greater. Your beliefs are too narrow, for Knowledge is greater. Therefore, treat Knowledge with mystery and do not attempt to create a form for it, for it is greater than this and will exceed your expectations. Allow, then, for Knowledge to be mysterious so that it may yield its gifts to you without restraints. Allow your thinking and ideas to apply to the visible world that you see, for here your  thinking can develop in a useful manner as you understand the mechanism of your physical life and of your involvement with others. Yet, allow Knowledge to be beyond the mechanical application of your mind so that it may flow into each situation, bless it and give it purpose, meaning and direction.

REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS IDEA upon the hour and consider it seriously in whatever situation you find yourself. In your two meditation practices today, allow yourself once again to enter stillness, using the RAHN practice if you find that helpful. Allow yourself to go beyond ideas. Allow yourself to go beyond habitual patterns of thinking. Allow your mind to become itself, for it was made to serve Knowledge.

PRACTICE 200: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Note: “Allow yourself to go beyond ideas. Allow yourself to go beyond habitual patterns of thinking. Allow your mind to become itself, for it was made to serve Knowledge.”

Step 199 encourages exploration and considering the future, but without giving it form. I became interested in the future after reading Alvin Toffler’s “Future Shock” in 1970. I learned that there was a profession of city planning and decided that was what I wanted to study for graduate school. I was in the U.S. Navy at the time. Within two weeks of making this decision, I was talking to Virginia Tech professors on the Old Dominion University campus in Norfolk, as they were beginning a program to help ODU establish an Urban Affairs program. As I was going to shore duty for the next two years, I could and did enroll. Later I joined the World Future Society and in that framework learned about what people were envisioning for the world. I used it to promote regional cooperation.

From the Journal:

February 1, 2000 – S2K – Step 199 – The world I see is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds. There’s little I can do for David & Sarah – except love them and have faith their Knowledge will come forth.

I may, however be able to contribute on this planetary emergence.

7:05 AM – Earth already is a partnership. Local is assumed to be cooperative, regional anti- or less cooperative.

Keeping things small is intended to keep them simple, but large also simplifies –

2 PM Enroute to Philly for the return to Dulles. S2K talks about our needing to move more quickly into the future; not looking back. I don’t really know what that means. I’ve been into WFS for a long time and Fast Company from the start. …

2:35 PM … I want to do more to make the region work and add value. If I need to move on, I will. It seems my children will need more support in their lives. I want to be able to help them.

3:12 PM – Eliminating the past…
Max Plank – New minds replace the old minds, the old ones don’t change much. I need to find/grow new minds.

As usual, in addition to where the Step was pointing, there were other concerns in my life. The Step page has notes:

The “one planet regions,” singular and plural together, and “Building the Ark of Cooperation – Its not raining aliens yet,” from the second time through Steps. Our perception of the world having to get bigger. Let us continue.


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