Step 279 - I must experience my freedom to realize it. Entry for Step 278 - What is changeless will express itself through me.

Greetings All –

FREEDOM IS NOT A CONCEPT OR AN IDEA. It is an experience. Therefore, it must be realized in many, many different circumstances for you to see its universal application. This you are given time to accomplish. This will make all of your activities meaningful, purposeful and valuable. Then, you will have no foundation for condemning yourself or the world, for all things will strengthen your understanding of the necessity for Knowledge and all things will be the recipients of Knowledge.

THEREFORE, GIVE YOURSELF TO PRACTICE, preparation and application. Do not identify merely with ideas, for even the greatest idea is meant to be an expression in changeable circumstances and will itself be unstable. To have genuine stability in the world, you must identify with Knowledge and allow Knowledge to demonstrate its power, its efficacy and its benevolence within the world. You must experience your freedom to value it and to comprehend its meaning in the world. This is why you are a student of Knowledge. And this is why you must apply everything that you are learning in your preparation here.

REMEMBER THIS UPON THE HOUR as you are engaged in the world. Remember this in your deeper meditation practices where you are engaged in your inner life. In both arenas, Knowledge must prevail. In both arenas, your freedom must be exercised to be realized. In your deeper meditations, exercise the strength of your mind to enable it to come into stillness and quietude. Do not let fear or ambivalence dominate you this day. You are practicing your freedom and exercising it, for you can only be free when you are still inside, and if you are still inside, you are free already.

PRACTICE 279: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly

Here at the end of the Step page I write the statement "the world is changing [then questioningly add] - it must?"

Do you feel the air getting rare, like being high on a mountain at a vantage point where more of the world can be seen. Not that many reach or are taken to this perspective. One’s thinking is stretched, yet there may already be in our mind a similar thought that was never expressed – there was no audience to hear it, no one who would understand.

The journal entries are few, but positive. It begins with a home-made affirmation about my being a “Student of Knowledge.”

6:30 a.m. Thursday, April 20, 2000

Regardless of what the world is saying or doing, I am on the path as a Student of Knowledge and I will be guided to where I most need to be and will do the work I've come to do.

6:58 p.m. "What is changeless will express itself through me." Step 278.

"… Your source is unchangeable"

"Truth is changeless, but it expresses itself within the world of changing circumstances and changing understanding."

The Creator has no need to create, no need to change. The creation consists of experimental realities/physicalities/

- regional is a strategy, not an issue

- if your competing markets are using a regional strategy and you are not, then it’s an issue.

10:30 p.m. Ordered my new PC today - $1500. An investment in TJC Designs. Talked a little to Ed Daley - I told him I was going to ride it out.

(As I recall, I first said, "The work is too important.")

There is reference to work, but for a man, work is one’s identity. Thus it can be taken too seriously. Women now have this option as well. One of those: “of changing circumstances and changing understanding”

The full Steps page looked like this:

There are a few other notes from later passages through this Step. The 2014 Encampment of the New Message ends in a few hours, so there’s no time to go into them.

Let us continue.