Step 293 - I do not wish to suffer today. Entry for Step 292 - How can I be angry with the world when it only serves me?

Greetings All –

STRENGTHEN YOUR RESOLVE NOT TO SUFFER today by being a student of Knowledge, by adhering to Knowledge and by devoting yourself to Knowledge. Do not let the world draw you into its meaningless pursuits, into its hopeless endeavors or into its incensed conflicts. All these things still hold attraction for you, yet do not allow yourself to give into them today, for the persuasions of the world are born of the world’s great anxiety and fear. Anxiety and fear are like diseases that affect minds. Do not allow your mind to be so affected today. You do not want to suffer today, and suffer you will if you follow the world’s persuasions. Participate in the world and fulfill your mundane responsibilities, but strengthen your resolve to be a student of Knowledge, for this will free you from all suffering and will give you the greatness that you are intended to give to the world.

UPON THE HOUR CONFIRM THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO SUFFER today and realize the inevitability of your suffering if you attempt to engage yourself in the world without Knowledge. The world can only remind you of your one great purpose and responsibility now, which is to become a student of Knowledge. Be grateful that the world will support you in the only way that it can, and be grateful that from your Ancient Home, God has extended Grace into the world for you to receive and to learn to give.

PRACTICE 293: Hourly practice.

This is the third day where the student is to: “once again bring to mind every person that you feel has erred against you, and once again attempt to understand their contribution to you in bringing you to Knowledge.”

Based on my journal entry, I had no further people to process at this date, though there would be a need in the future. That may not be your case. Still, getting to complete gratitude ultimately took me many years.

6:52 a.m. May 4, 2000 Thursday –
Waking up again in body. --- Having to get up. S2K in the world to deal with. I've done my stretches. Having lunch on the trail, in the park stands out yesterday. Living in a rich environment – where's the feedback that leads to improvement?


Regional Intelligence: using Local Boundaries Effectively/wholly/transparently – boundary sliders – getting to where boundaries have no jurisdiction.

- Ancient spirits forced to get a new life – moving on as sacred sites become parking lots.

- if history is the product of the transactions among people, and if the population grows from 2.5 Bil in 1950 to 6 billion in 2000 – What is the exponential rate of the growth of history – events of who struck John, who did Jill kiss?

Local counts, the region's strategic for local interests – we have the local region – Province, The region can have a top-down appointed governor, or a bottom up elected chair – the bottom-up empowers – as HRPDC gets together, analyzes the bigger picture, and beats the State over the head with its data. The region empowered and locally owned uses the resources of the State to tell the State it is doing things wrong –

There is only one voter – I am local/I am state – from one side of my person I view a local picture, from the other a bigger picture. There is conflict – long-term/short-term, there are winners and losers, there is true ignorance from isolated thinking.

What can I learn here? What need I unlearn? Am I using a greater community knowledge? Where do my ideas come from?

Compared to my peers – I'm off the edge – from another planet.

10:20 p.m. Second practice – a long day…but good. B… and N… came over for a Personnel Committee to select the interviewees for Exec. Director – I sat down with them to go over priorities. I am concerned about the RP annual report. They set that as a priority – Bev will call Lauren to find out what her role will be. I am so much more relaxed – and free.

292 "How can I be angry with the world when it only serves me?" Were I not doing S2K would I be handling the shift this way? I needed ACIM for the marriage – It had weakened – I needed more teaching – so I am thankful.

I'm outside – on the back porch. I need to be outside more. Is it a matter of getting old?

S2K is an amazing document. It is a wise teaching. I can tell because of its impact on me – the way the language works. I've many years left on this earth – and I hope to spend it with greater Knowledge.

>recognition of how the world serves me can only be done in the context of Knowledge – that
ends all
hatred towards the world
condemnation of the world
resistance to the world
this will confirm
true destiny
true origin
true purpose
for being in the world
You (I) have come into the world
to recognize what is real and what is not
to learn and unlearn
to be a contributor, one sent from
   beyond the world to serve here

"E.T. phone home." Is what I wrote in the margin of the text when I read this part. Numerous readings have hinted at ET origin for my soul (?) – plus a latent image here and there.

"the truth awaits you (me) and waits for you (me) to be ready to value it."
11:17 p.m. Late to be up. I like to read the next day's lesson before I go to sleep. This night I have too much energy – could be alignment at work – regardless – when I have energy I want to go with it.

Back to the question? Am I ready?

I can conceive of myself as a spirit in the body. The logistics of it – must work – and different views are similar enough to suggest truth. The why is, of course, the great mystery.

The middle zone – of E.T./Spirit is harder to fathom – since the viewpoints are so varied. S2K seems objective on this count.

"Multiple dimensions" is used to explain the variation. Certainly – I've experienced the relative nature of time and can expand my thinking. So – I value my soul, my spiritual family, and this current, conscious manifestation in the learning environment of earth. I am peaceful – and I accept in my mind the Step today.

As promised – "Today's idea will (has) in gender(ed) love and gratitude towards the world and will strengthen this point of view, which will be necessary for you to have, to look upon the world with certainty, love and Knowledge."

the thought that comes is fine, but I don't want pain. Step 293 follows: "I do not wish to suffer today."

Seems I am making some progress. That is likely to be your case as well. Let us continue. 


P.S. At Step 293, we are into Part Two of Steps, so if you’ve found this and find some appeal in this or other Steps, you should really go to the beginning blog post. From here you learn about Steps to Knowledge and can begin it on the day that makes sense and then progress as needed. You can use the posts on this blog as a companion if it helps. They will remain in order in the archives - one per Step.

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