Step 215 - My Teachers are with me. I am not alone. Entry for Step 214 - I do not understand myself.

Greetings All –

YOUR TEACHERS ARE WITH YOU, in the background. They are very careful not to extend their influence upon you too strongly, for you are not yet capable to receive this and to utilize it on your own behalf. Realize, then, that you travel through life with great assistance, for your Teachers are with you to help you to realize and to cultivate Knowledge.

FIRST, THEY MUST HELP YOU TO REALIZE YOUR NEED for Knowledge, for your need for Knowledge must be fully established before you can engage in the reclamation of Knowledge. You must realize that without Knowledge life is hopeless, for you are without purpose, meaning and direction. Then only your errors can teach you, and only they can support your unforgiveness.

REALIZING THE FAILURE OF YOUR OWN IDEAS to be a substitute for Knowledge, you can then turn to Knowledge and become the happy recipient of its true gifts. Here all things that you have truly sought will be meaningfully satisfied. Here you will have a true foundation in life. Here Heaven and Earth will come together within you and all separation will end. Here you can accept the limitations of your physical existence and the greatness of your spiritual life. Turning to Knowledge, therefore, is of the greatest benefit for you.

REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS IDEA upon the hour, and in your two deeper practices today, enter stillness, using the word RAHN if it helps you. Be happy today that you can receive that which frees you.

PRACTICE 215: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Guardian Angels, guiding spirits, thought-adjusters, … Teachers?

Not understanding is something not easily admitted to in a culture that advises: “Fake it til you make it.” This thought even has its own Wikipedia page.

From the Journal:

1:05 a.m. Tuesday, February 15, 2000 M.E. is in Houston and will see Sarah tomorrow. Sarah needs to leave Lloyd of her own free will. Others can tell her that better than we.

"I do not understand the world." The day's lesson – easy and compelling.

8:15 a.m. S2K – "I do not understand myself." – GCW says we only understand our ideas of the world – which are not eternal. This process has freed much of my thinking and led me to be more at ease in the world. As a temp, albeit a 100 year seeker, I have ideas that could help community. I don't know if they are eternal – or just mine. It is my goal to know more, since knowing all is not within my capacity. The environment of Earth has been an ongoing physicality with layers and levels of life and group culture, human and other species.


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