Step 243 - I do not need to be special to give. Entry for Step 242 - My greatest gift to the world is my Knowledge.

Greetings All –

THE ATTEMPT TO BE SPECIAL UNDERLIES ALL HUMAN AMBITION. All human ambition that is not born of Knowledge is born of the attempt to offset the grave disappointment and great anxiety of separation. The attempt to be special is the attempt to fortify separation. It is the attempt to make yourself greater at the expense of others. It always denies life and Knowledge and always leads to greater confusion, frustration and despair.

YOU ARE FREED THIS DAY FROM ATTEMPTING to make yourself special, for in this way you will find the true relief that you have sought in all of your previous endeavors. What is special in you is your unique form of expression of that which is inherent in all life. Then, that which joins life and is life is affirmed. Your individuality is affirmed as well, but not to the exclusion of the value of any other expression of life. Here you are not special. You are simply you. You are greater than an individual because you are part of life, and yet you are an individual because you express life individually. Here all conflict and confusion end. That which is limited expresses that which is unlimited, and that which is unique expresses that which is inherent and intrinsic. This is the resolution that you seek, for you do not really wish to be special. You only wish to have your individual life have purpose, meaning and direction.

UPON THE HOUR THINK OF THIS after you repeat the idea for today. In your deeper practices, enter into stillness and peace once again. Do not petition for answers because you do not need to do this in your meditation practices. Your time now is to practice receiving Knowledge, in which your individuality is honored and confirmed for its true purpose and in which your specialness, which has only been a grave and impossible burden for you, is gently lifted from your shoulders. Do not seek to be special today, for that is not the purpose of your life. Then, all fear of death and destruction will leave you. Then, all judgment and comparison with others will leave you. Then, you will be able to honor life and honor your relationships, which  are an expression of everything today’s lesson will teach you.

PRACTICE 243: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

The more one understands Knowledge, the more this Step means. Over years, understanding grows with practice and experience. A few thoughts in the Journal:

6:29 a.m. Wednesday, March 15, 2000 –

Be still and Know – all of S2K is in the Bible. I choose to connect to Knowledge and use it instead of an anger producing response in the world.

7:50 a.m. I have long recognized the wealth that is present and available in my life. To give it away – making people aware of it.

All of S2K is not in the Bible, but its roots can be recognized in Christianity, Judaism and other world religions. “Be still and Know that I am God” is a phrase that stuck with me.

The Steps page has many underlines and finishes with “Amen.” My top thought: "I hire gifted people and their job is to give." An expression of idealism perhaps? Those that worked at the Commission wanted to fix the world. Idealists maybe don’t work well together. Whose idealism leads?

 Let us continue.

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