Step 237 - I am only beginning to comprehend the meaning of my life. Entry for Step 236 - With Knowledge I will know what to do.

Greetings All –

YOU ARE ONLY BEGINNING TO COMPREHEND the meaning of your life. This will naturally arise in your understanding without your efforts in attempting to conceptualize it. The meaning and purpose of your life will simply arise and be expressed today and tomorrow and in the days to come, for Knowledge is that simple and fundamental. Thus, your intellect can be used to deal with the physical necessities of your life, the particulars of your life and the mechanism of your life, for this is the application of the intellect. Yet, the greatness of Knowledge provides purpose, meaning and direction, which the intellect can never provide. Therefore, the intellect is a faculty that has a true function here, for it serves the greatness of Knowledge.

YOU ARE ONLY BEGINNING TO COMPREHEND THE MEANING of Knowledge and the nature of Knowledge. Think not that your conclusions thus far are adequate to your needs, for you are a beginning student of Knowledge and as a beginning student, you will not make the mistake of relying upon your assumptions alone. For beginning students make few assumptions and are eager to learn all that is necessary for them. Be a beginning student today. Recognize how little you know and how much you must learn. You have a lifetime to learn this, and yet your lifetime must be activated and strengthened beyond what you have realized thus far. In time, the greatness that you carry will express itself through you in actions both great and small.

TODAY, IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICE PERIODS where you enter stillness, allow your awareness of Knowledge to be cultivated further. Attend to your practice like a patient gardener who does not demand that all plants bear fruit today, but who understands the seasons of growth and change. Allow yourself to have this comprehension, for in time you will understand objectively how human beings develop and grow and what they carry within them. When you leave this world, if you are successful in cultivating Knowledge and in allowing it to give all of its gifts into the world, you will then be able to become one of the Teachers of those who remain behind. In this way, you will fulfill your learning in the world by contributing all that you have acquired in the world to others. In this, your gift is fulfilled and theirs is furthered.

YOU ARE ONLY BEGINNING TO COMPREHEND THESE WORDS. Today strengthen your experience of Knowledge so that the comprehension of these words may deepen within you. Upon the hour repeat today’s idea so that all of your activities and all of your engagements, in whatever environment you find yourself, are conducive to your practice. For there is no event or interaction which Knowledge cannot bless and harmonize.

PRACTICE 237: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

When will I know what to do and when to do it?  On the Step page I wrote:

In the journal, a New Heaven and a New Earth is considered.

From the Journal:

8:07 a.m. Wednesday, March 8, 2000

To marvel at the biology which the soul rides. --- The book of Revelation predicts the end of the world. – Now with a GC perspective that is a situation where our world – anthropocentric – would end mentally. Revelation says a New Heaven and a New Earth. The new earth is where humanity sees itself as one race and the new heaven is one where, with other beings, God is not human form.

11:58 p.m. Finally to write, but tired much of the day. Went to an AA meeting – Sarah's first. It was a good meeting – focused people. The topic was patience.

In the meeting I sensed Knowledge at work. I'm experiencing the presence of Knowledge more often.


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