Step 101 - The world needs me, but I will wait. Entry for Step 100 - Today I am a beginning student of Knowledge.

Greetings All –

WHY WAIT WHEN THE WORLD NEEDS YOU? Does this not seem inconsistent with the teaching that we are presenting? It is actually not inconsistent at all, if you understand its meaning. Since the world needs you, waiting would seem to be an injustice and an irresponsibility. Is this not inconsistent with what we are teaching? No, it is not inconsistent if you understand its meaning. If you have seriously considered what we have given you thus far in your preparation, you will realize that on its own, Knowledge within you will respond to the world, and you will feel moved to give in certain places and not moved to give in others. This great response within you will not be born of personal weakness, personal insecurity or the need for acceptance or recognition. It will not be a form of avoidance or guilt. In fact, it will have nothing to do with you at all. That is why it is very great, for it is not meant to remedy your littleness, but to demonstrate the power of Knowledge that exists in the world so that you may bear witness to it and be a vehicle for its expression.

WHY WAIT WHEN THE WORLD NEEDS YOU? Because you are not yet ready to give. Why wait when the world needs you? Because you do not understand its need yet. Why wait when the world needs you? Because you will give for the wrong reasons and will only fortify your dilemma. The time of giving will come, and your life will give of itself, and you will be prepared to accept this, to respond to it and to follow the guidance of Knowledge that is within you. If you are to be of true service to the world, you must be prepared, and that is what we are undertaking now.

LET NOT THE TRIBULATIONS OF THE WORLD give you great anxiety. Let not the threats of destruction arouse your fear. Let not the injustices of this world stimulate your anger, for if they do, you are looking without Knowledge. You are seeing your own failed idealism. This is not the way of seeing, and so it is not the way of giving. You were sent to give, and your giving is intrinsic to you. You do not need to control it, for it will give of itself when you are prepared. Therefore, your service to the world at this moment is your preparation to be a contributor, and though this will not give you instant gratification for your need to give, it will pave the way for a greater service to be

IN YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, actively think about today’s idea and consider it in light of your behavior, your inclinations, your ideas and your beliefs.

PRACTICE 101: Two 30-minute practice periods.

Yes, the world is on fire, but The Teachers advise that we take three years to do the Steps practice twice and the Continuation Steps. If we don’t do so, we may try to put out a part of the fire that is not the best match for our destiny.  

From the Journal:

12:13 A.M. Tuesday, October 26 –

New pain – not to be written even. So I stay up and eat.

Truth is revealed in its own time. What can I do?

9:05 A.M. The world needs me, but I will wait. S2K 101-

- If someone reads these journals, they will see my reference to my not knowing why I was doing my work, yet continuing on.

- I am now, have been and continue to seek to be guided by Spirit/Holy Spirit/Knowledge.

- I take in the world – seeking hints/direction/Knowledge activation.

- All my relations are strained now - …

4:23 p.m. My final quote, “After working for over 25 years on the impossible, I’ve decided to move on to something more challenging.”

>Secrets to Effective Regions –

11:15 p.m. “The world needs me, but I will wait.” (Knowing even now, Knowledge is responding through me.) – consider idea in light of my behavior, inclinations, ideas and beliefs.
I’m not waiting too much.
I’m inclined to follow the spirit, my idea / …regions   

When I wrote in 1999:  If someone reads these journals…” I did not think I would be putting them in a blog. On-line diaries began about 1994 according to Wikipedia, so the concept existed. I more or less envisioned some family relative might have access to them. I’ve learned such journal collections of ordinary people are accepted by the Smithsonian Institution. The odds of them ever being read was slim, so … get what you can out of it as a benchmark perhaps for your journey.