Step 116 - Today I shall be patient with Knowledge. Entry for Step 115 - Today I will listen to the power of Knowledge.

Greetings All –

TODAY I SHALL BE PATIENT WITH KNOWLEDGE. BE PATIENT WITH KNOWLEDGE so that you may follow Knowledge. Knowledge is far more still than you are. It is far  more powerful than you are. It is far more certain than you are, and all of its actions are profound and meaningful. There  is only a contrast between you and Knowledge because you live in the self that you have made for yourself, and you have temporarily lost your contact with Knowledge.  But Knowledge abides with you, for you can never leave it. It  will always be there to redeem you, to save you and to reclaim you unto itself, for it is your True Self. Let not beliefs and assumptions masquerade as Knowledge. Allow your mind to become increasingly quiet and still as you undertake the activities of the day.

REPEAT THE IDEA UPON THE HOUR and in your two deep meditation practices, allow yourself to enter the stillness and the certainty that Knowledge possesses for you. In this way, your mind will resonate with the Mind of the universe and you will begin to reclaim your ancient abilities and ancient memories. Here the idea of Spiritual Family will begin to have meaning for you, and you will realize that you have come into the world to serve.

PRACTICE 116: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

6:15 A.M. Tuesday, November 9 – being invisible – David in need of support.

 Today I will listen to the power of Knowledge.

7:30? I stayed in stillness longer – maybe an hour. I’m still and tired.

8:25 A.M. The world is speeding up and I am slowing down. There are more & more transactions, yet resimplification must take place constantly.

9:30 A.M. Knowledge is not speaking, therefore I should have not anxiety about my life.

Power causing pain – domination, power over others…> order yes… but how do I keep my focus on the present so that I can do what I need to do? I might just be here to live and take not heavy part among 6 billion souls.

6:30 p.m. Home - very tired. Lots of work. Knowledge “Go home.”     

Well, what to make of this? Ups and downs of life.