Step 111 - Today I will be at ease. Entry for Step 110 - I will be honest with myself today.

Greetings All –

BE AT EASE TODAY KNOWING THAT KNOWLEDGE IS WITH YOU, knowing that your Teachers are with you and knowing that your Spiritual Family is with you. Let not anxieties or the burden of concern take you away from your practice today.

AS YOU MOVE THROUGH THE DAY, practicing upon the hour, remind yourself to be at ease, for Knowledge is your guide now. If it is untroubled, you need not be troubled. Release yourself from habitual preoccupations, from habitual bondage. Strengthen your resolve to do this and it will become easier in time. Then it will happen all by itself most naturally. Your mind has habits of thought. That is all they are. As they are replaced with new habits, Knowledge will begin to shine through the structure that you have imposed upon it. Here Knowledge will begin to shine forth, to guide your actions, to lead you to insight  and important discovery and to give you a greater strength and certainty than you have ever known.

IN YOUR HOURLY PRACTICES, therefore, utilize your self-discipline on your own behalf. In your two meditation practices, remain very alert but with a still mind.

PRACTICE 111: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

Nov 4, 1999 …

8:05 A.M. I will be honest with myself today. S2K – this is challenging – for I am both average and unique. I’m also getting old, tired and lazy – but no rest is in sight. Others need me, I need myself and I have a heavenly perspective – regional cooperation – to promote.

After reading the Urantia book I’ve been waiting for the moment of Thought Adjuster – soul fusion where, in a bright light, you go off earth to the next level. When you master, you disappear.

Someday I’ll die – and the drama here will go on, getting better, faster – the happy dream. There is so much detail, yet it mst be seen/dealt with as whole. What fun?

11:14 p.m. Have I been honest all day? In some respects yes, in others it isn’t possible. I did not do a second session. When I came home from work I just wanted to veg. That was hones. If I did the practice, I’d be up way too late – and energized.

I’m drinking the last of the scotch. Johnnie Walker Red – very nice – but too expensive a habit. …

12:04 A.M. Friday, November 5 – Staying up late – hoping some thought will come and save me from being myself. It never comes.

Bumping along - I am at this time. A few thoughts written on the Steps book page.