Step 154 - Review Entry for Step 153 - My Source wishes to express itself through me.

Greetings All –

REVIEW THE PAST WEEK’S PRACTICE. Review all the instructions that were given and your practices as well. Consider how deeply you have entered peace. Consider how deeply you have used your mind for investigation. Remember that your practice is a form of giving. Therefore, give yourself to review your practices. See how your giving can become more complete and deeper so that you may receive greater and greater rewards, for yourself and for the world.

IN YOUR ONE LONG PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY, review the week of training that has just been completed. Remember not to judge yourself. Remember to be a witness to your learning. Remember that your practice is a form of giving.

PRACTICE 154: One long practice period.

From the Journal:

7:27 A.M. Friday, Dec 17, 1999 – facilitation of wholes – regions need glue for human activity coordination.
Networking among regions for the coordination benefit to local government wholes.

This is a deep Step, but the first time through – one doesn’t get everything. The Steps page underlines important points as I saw them the first time.