Step 172 - I must reclaim my Knowledge. Entry for Step 171 - My giving is an affirmation of my wealth.

Greetings All –

YOU MUST RECLAIM YOUR KNOWLEDGE. It is not merely a preference in competition with other preferences. The fact that it is a requirement in life gives it the necessity and the importance that it truly deserves. Think not that your freedom is in any way hindered by this necessity, for your freedom is the result of this necessity and will be born of this necessity. Here you enter a world of vital direction rather than casual choices. Here you become seriously engaged in life rather than a removed observer who can only witness your own ideas.

THE NECESSITY OF KNOWLEDGE, then, is the importance that it bears for you and for your world. Welcome necessity, then, for it frees you from the aggravation and the disability of ambivalence. It rescues you from meaningless choices and directs you to that which is truly vital for your well-being and for the well-being of the world. Knowledge is a necessity. Your life is a necessity. Its importance is not merely for you alone, but for the world as well.

IF YOU CAN COMPREHEND THIS IN TRUTH, this will override any sense of unworthiness or indolence that you may still possess. For if your life is a necessity, then it has purpose, meaning and direction. If your life is a necessity, then all other lives are a necessity as well. In this, you will wish to harm no one but instead will seek to affirm Knowledge in everyone. This necessity, then, bears with it the strength and the direction that you require and provides you with the grace and depth that you must receive for yourself. A necessary life is a meaningful life. Knowledge is a necessity. Give yourself to your necessity, and you will feel that you are a necessity yourself. This will dispel your sense of unworthiness and guilt and bring you back into relationship with life.

PRACTICE AGAIN UPON THE HOUR, and in your two meditation practices allow the word RAHN to take you deeper into the presence of Knowledge itself. The power of this word, a word unknown within your own language, will resonate with your Knowledge and will stimulate it. Thus, the means are mysterious, but the result is concrete.

PRACTICE 172: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

The RAHN exercise can be a bit difficult. One may say it out loud. It is best done on the exhale. The inhale I did was silent. Later The Teachers added an inhale sound option – NA, so the phrase can then be – NA (inhale) RAHN (exhale) – silent or out loud.  

From the Journal:

8:05 A.M. Tuesday, January 4, 2000
Got up at 6 A.M. – did my 30 minute meditation “My giving is an affirmation of my wealth.”
S2K is becoming a greater part of my mind. I envision the role of being a conduit for spirit perspective that helps people align.

Do souls get addicted to the action on the planet? There is a still creation and an unstill creation layer?

6:40 p.m. A day at work – yes.

10:35 p.m. Bed early rather than stay to see the end of the Sugar Bowl – VA Tech behind 28-14 to Florida State. Tech can win – but my watching/not watching has no impact. It is hard to relate GCW/Knowledge to sports – yet it is easy to see the application of concentration – physical stamina and mental toughness – sports – much better than war for the outplaying of competition. I will not judge. I only seek to understand. Dealing with disappointment is a large part of sports. Part of the way of awareness.

Here at Step 171, the journal reflects the impact of Steps on my life. You may be in such a state, or not. Keep your journal in order to listen to yourself.