Step 173 - Today I will do what is necessary. Entry for Step 172 - I must reclaim my Knowledge.

Greetings All –

DOING WHAT IS NECESSARY WILL ENGAGE YOU with vitality in life, for life in the world, in all its forms, is engaged in what is necessary. This at first seems oppressive to human beings, for they are accustomed to living in fantasy, where everything is preferential and nothing is really necessary.

YET, IT IS WHEN SOMETHING IS REALLY NECESSARY IN LIFE, even if it is a dire circumstance, that people are able to liberate themselves momentarily from their fantasies and feel purpose, meaning and direction. This, then, is a gift to humanity, but people usually give themselves this gift only under dire circumstances.

IT IS UNDER HAPPIER CIRCUMSTANCES that you must now learn to receive this and welcome necessity as a saving grace in your life, for you wish to be needed, you wish to be included, you wish to be vital and you wish to be an essential part of community. This is all necessary. It is not merely a preference on your part. It cannot be born of a casual choice but of a deep conviction, for your greater giving must be born of a deep conviction if it is to be great and complete. Otherwise, at the sight of the first adversity or disappointment, you will be cast away and will withdraw back into fantasy and illusion.

WELCOME, THEN, THE NECESSITIES OF THIS DAY. Do small tasks without complaint, for they are small. Follow your procedure today in preparation, for it is necessary and it is great. Do not confuse the great and the small, for the small is only to express the great. Do not try to make the small great or the great small. Understand their true relationship with one another, for within you is both the great and the small. Within you, the great wishes to express itself through the small.

THEREFORE, CARRY OUT YOUR MUNDANE ACTIVITIES TODAY. Do what is necessary today. Remind yourself upon the hour of our idea for today, and give yourself to your practice so that your day may be a day of giving and receiving. In your deeper meditation practices, enter into stillness using the word RAHN to take you deep into meditation. Do this because it is necessary. Do this with necessity and you will feel the power of your own will.

PRACTICE 173: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

6:15 A.M. Wednesday – January 5, 2000 – Restless night. Tired on waking. Where am I?

8:35 A.M. Pleasure GCW-II What has called to me? Coming to planning, rural/regional planning; the greatest need was for data. Information about what is, what was, and what are the trends? My focus has been on getting data, but more importantly, using data so that people can understand their context – then they will know/or can decide how to invest. This will empower them to make their own lives better, as well as those of the coming generations. It is a forming idea – for the investment community must be larger.

The Regional Public Corporate Database.

12:45 p.m. The challenge to living organisms, an advancing and sustainable natural/built environment.

8:30 p.m. Busy day. No lunch break. Knowledge said “work” – so I didn’t go out. I came home starved – ate bread, sardines, spinach, - and I’m tired – late to do practice #2. “I must reclaim my Knowledge.”

What might that be? If I’m ET from somewhere – What do I carry? The GCW-II section on pleasure says we can know that which we are to do – because we work it without obvious reward. I’ve been there – done that – and got burned on relationship within the PDC> I may have learned, I may have learned, but I’ve no longer the energy to work uphill on this.

9 p.m. 15 minutes – can’t complete practice.  

Wow – that was interesting. I speculated about ET origin. If you consider reincarnation real, the question becomes, where has my soul been before. If you’ve ever felt you don’t quite fit where you are on earth, identifying perhaps with the title/situation of the 1961 science fiction novel “Stranger in a Strangeland,” by Robert A. Heinlein, the ET thesis may have come into your mind. You may not want to talk about it, but write it down to manage that part of your thinking. Steps does help with such thinking, though you’ll need to complete the Steps, and continue study.

It is another time I couldn’t complete a stillness practice. I stuck to the program and kept going. It is your choice as to the pace to proceed. If it takes 18 months, no problem with that. Should you wish to keep up with my journey, just use the archived Step. They will be in order, unless I mess up.