Step 166 - My mission is great. Therefore I am free to do small things. Entry for Step 165 - My duties are small. My mission is great.

Greetings All –

IT IS ONLY IN YOUR GRANDIOSE IDEAS, which are a cover for fear, anxiety and despair, that you would avoid the small things that are required of you to do in the world. Again, do not confuse the greatness of your mission with the smallness of your duties. Greatness expresses itself in the smallest thing, in the tiniest action, in the most fleeting thought, in the simplest gesture and in the most mundane circumstances. Thus, maintain your small actions in the world so that Knowledge in time may express itself through them. Actions in the world are small in contrast to the greatness of Knowledge. Prior to your preparation, the world was considered great and Knowledge small, but you are now learning that the opposite is true—that Knowledge is great and the world is small. This also means that your activities in the world are small, but they are vehicles through which Knowledge may express itself.

THEREFORE, BE CONTENT DOING SMALL THINGS IN THE WORLD. Be simple and humble in the world so that greatness may flow through you without obstruction.

THIS PRACTICE WILL REQUIRE REPETITION upon the hour and deep consideration in your two longer practice periods, where you will engage your mind actively in comprehending the meaning of today’s idea. Use your mind for investigation. Allow yourself to consider these things. Do not rely on conclusions but continue your exploration. This is the right use of your mind which will lead you to a greater understanding. Here the mind is not merely weaving visions and illusions to take itself away from its own anxiety. Here the mind is examining its own content. Here the mind is working on behalf of Knowledge, as it was intended to do.

PRACTICE 166: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

8:10 A.M. December 28, 1999 – My duties are small, my mission is great. This we are to delve into and contemplate. … my regions work mission may or may not be my GCW/S2K mission, but it is certainly necessary and important to the future, particularly if there is inter-planetary connection. We will have to respond as a single planet. It is the doing of duties which has led me to understand the larger picture, but I can’t continue to do it all. I can’t think my way out of this – I need to go with the flow.

I don’t know whether or not others see me as self-disciplined or not. Since I’ve been intuitive, go with the flow – it is mysterious to others. Focusing sound bites are needed; rallying cries, whatever –

6:07 p.m. …

11:20 p.m. My duties are small. My mission is great. – What does that mean for me? As a beginning student, I don’t know my mission. In my work, my duties are ambiguous. I’m a regional entrepreneur. I could also do details 24 hours a day and never get caught up.

This is the first time where, in the journal, I respond to a question with an inability to answer it because I am a “beginning student.” Treading slowly here. On the Step page, the notion of levels causes my mind to relate to ACIM.

This study is becoming more serious. Let us proceed.