Step 165 - My duties are small. My mission is great. Entry for Step 164 - Today I will honor what I know.

Greetings All –

YOUR DUTIES IN THE WORLD ARE SMALL. They are meant to secure provisions which you need physically and to maintain those alliances with others that are beneficial for your wellbeing and for their well-being as well. These duties are important, but your mission is greater. Do not undermine your ability to receive your mission by being in failure concerning your duties. This is only a form of self- avoidance. Carry out your duties specifically this day regarding your employment and your engagement with others. Do not confuse this with your mission, which is something far greater that you are only now beginning to receive and to experience. Thus, your duties will provide a foundation for you as you undertake the preparation for the reclamation and the contribution of Knowledge.

REMEMBER THAT ALL CONFUSION is the confusion of different levels. Do not confuse mission with duty. This is a very important distinction for you to make. Your tasks in the world are specific, but your mission is far greater. As your mission begins to express itself within you who are learning to receive it, it will create a more specific influence upon your duties as well. This is gradual and entirely natural for you. This merely requires that you be self-disciplined, consistent and trusting enough to follow its steps.

THEREFORE, CARRY OUT YOUR DUTIES TODAY so that you may be a beginning student of Knowledge. Remind yourself of your practice upon the hour, and in your two longer practice periods, actively engage your mind in considering the idea for today. Its true meaning is not superficial, and you must investigate it to understand its full value. Do not be complacent with premature conclusions. Do not stand on the outside of Knowledge and attempt to judge it for yourself. Enter into it so that you may be a student today, for you are now a student of Knowledge. You are now giving yourself to the world in your preparation.

PRACTICE 165: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

7:15 A.M. Tuesday, December 28, 1999 – Slow rising. The bed was warm. I imagined that’s what it was like cupped in the hand of God. S2k did not draw me out of bed. Could I do 99.9% still?

8:35 A.M. Today I will honor what I know. Creation is a continuous process that is based on simple and sustainable designs. The emergence of sentient beings leads to cultures more complex that those of simpler life forms. These cultures can evolve to the point where they begin to significantly alter their physical environments. At the same time they can alter themselves – and other cultures – for there’s never just one.

Competition, conflict, war, domination terror abandonment. And my duty is regional transportation, water & cooperation for this geography on earth.

6:47 p.m. Today I will honor what I know. What do I know? Relative to the duties of my job, I know more than I can put to use. What I need to learn are better methods of teaching. I have a scheme for organization; I have to learn how to implement it better.

I was disjointed after lunch. I decided to drive – focusing on SNP to ground briefly at the trail. As I headed south, the idea of brandy and hitting the ABC store emerged. I got in the left hand turn lane to get on South Street. At that moment I observed with knowledge that my intention had been shifted. Going to the ABC store was not my intent – so when the light changed I went straight – as can be done from that lane. At the trail I exited the car and walked in several hundred feet. I emerged settled and headed back to the office. Going to nature settles me. I can see how the trees, plants, birds and animals live naturally. It is their environment – their planet. Although in my office clothes and street shoes – I was able to connect. I’ve done this before and when done consciously – it settles my soul. This I know.

6:30 p.m. 3 minutes remain on the 30 minute practice. I was close to a Holy Instant, but – not tonight. I came out with 9 minutes, but stayed silent. The phone ran with 4 minutes. It is my intention to know. This year 2000 date is a benchmark. I know that synchronicity is on the increase again, so I will follow that with more intent.

Amen & Amen

Interesting day of entries, looking back 15 years. The notion of “duty” was highlighted on the Steps page.

The Steps make one think. Current thinking is often not up to snuff, which points out the need for learning, and so that is the intention of Steps.