Step 164 - Today I will honor what I know. Entry for Step 163 - I will feel Knowledge today.

Greetings All –

HONOR WHAT YOU KNOW TODAY. Hold to what you know. Allow your Knowledge to guide you specifically. Do not try to use Knowledge to fulfill yourself, for in this you will only use what you think of as Knowledge and once again you will weave an illusion for yourself that will entrap you and drain you of life, enthusiasm and certainty. Let Knowledge move you today. Carry on your normal activities. Follow all the procedures of life that are your duty, but let Knowledge abide with you so that it may bestow its mysterious gift everywhere you go and give you concrete direction when that is actually needed.

REPEAT THIS STATEMENT UPON THE HOUR and consider it in light of your immediate circumstances. In your deeper practice periods today, once again give yourself to stillness and to peace. Honor Knowledge today by giving yourself to Knowledge and by abiding with Knowledge.

PRACTICE 164: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

12:15 A.M. Monday, Dec 27, 1999 – Given my current relationships, I can only do so much, so fast. S2K goes at the speed I can. Lots of nothing time I meditate/space to use time.

6:41 A.M. Practice #1

8:35 A.M. The Velveteen Rabbit became real by its use. I want regions to become real. Local is real, I want regions to be equally real. Regionalism is an idea. Regional Community is a relationship. I see a world where people are closer than they think, more alike than different.
- Open systems are cultures (process) closed systems are cults – (all answers to all questions are already Known).

I seek a greater relationship to Knowledge so I can pass it through.
The constant need to align while expanding – align/grow/align/grow the bounds are always being exceeded – what is the framework for the garden of Knowledge – how is creation organized so it may be sensed? Understood – or, is that the issue –

We are here – now – experiencing the present, yet that is the product of millions/billions/zillions of events/movements – so how do we ride co-creation, fathom its potential for relationship, and “be” as our vehicles – minds & bodies – grow, change and relate…

- GCW-I – p 365 – says “God is organizing everything to return to union, but God is doing it in God’s own way. It is good that this is the case because people’s idea of union ends up being very oppressive when applied to society.”

p. 367 “Knowledge is very close at hand, but you cannot grasp it. Yet, it is available when you begin to ask what you know about things.”
10 A.M. Mystery – mysterious – my life has become that to me. I had “save the world goals” when young. Now I feel that the world is already saved, yet it could also be much better as an environment for our human experience.

So much good is happening.

5:35 p.m. A strange balance of the day, but that’s OK. … The stock market soars again – what does it mean? I was afraid/being tactical in March and decided to stay out a year. “A hard rain is going to fall…” wrote Bob Dylan. That’s what it feels like to me – yet these investments need to be made?

A day when there was reflection and work to connect the day’s Step to the Greater Community Wisdom book writings. Reading those two volumes, plus Greater Community Spirituality, is an important foundation for the Steps, but the Steps just by themselves probably get to all questions in time.

Included in the journal is, as readers know, the working out of my professional challenges to promote “regional cooperation.” It is a great challenge that always was of interest, but which, with Steps study, has gained greater importance in my life. The fact that it is difficult in the world is recognized to some degree, but independent self-reliance is the focus for most.

The stock market reference at the end is provided as a backdrop to what will happen when the first phase of the dot.com crash begins a bit later. A lot more will happen in the coming years. How many would think of it as a problem where the solution involves spirituality and spiritual practices? This will come up again. It is time to keep moving on our journey. The Steps book note