Step 33 - I have a mission in my life to fulfill. Step 32 - The truth is with me. I can feel it.

Greetings All -

Step 33 - I have a mission in my life to fulfill.


YOU HAVE A MISSION IN LIFE TO FULFILL, a mission that was given you before you came here, a mission that you will review once you have left. It involves the reclamation of Knowledge and the proper engagement with others to bring about specific results in the world. It is not so important at this moment that you evaluate your current life to see if it reflects this greater purpose, for you are now involved in the reclamation of Knowledge. As your Knowledge becomes stronger, it will shine its beneficence upon you and through you. Your activities will then be adjusted as is necessary. Thus, you need not blame or condone the past or your current activities, for you are now adhering to a greater strength within you.

IN YOUR TWO LONG PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, dwell upon the idea that there is a great mission that you have in life. Think about this. Do not become immediately convinced by your own first responses. Think about it carefully.Think what this could mean.Think of the moments in your life when you have thought of this before or have entertained its possibility. In your two practice periods, you will have an
opportunity then to consider this, but beware—make no conclusions yet.

PRACTICE 33: Two 30-minute practice periods.

This is a Step where you really should be writing down your thoughts, recording them in some way that you can review them.

Feeling the truth --- that is the practice.

From the Journal:

6:30 A.M. - Med

7 A.M. The goal of the meditation was to practice feeling the truth. I was very distracted - as if I'd never meditated. I've felt the truth before - it pulsates. I've not been able to keep the connection in the forefront. 

Too much distraction and fatigue. 


9:57 A.M. Feeling the truth ... _ over-ridden by feelings of fear. 


10:30 p.m. Bed early. Didn't go back to work. In the meditation - what? I don't want to feel truth that is pain - the pain of abusive relationships. I went to touch the maple tree before bed. I'm not sure I'm suited for this world. It is so aggressive. 

I may be disappointing the spiritual family.

Bumpy day for sure. Truth is what we seek, but are there consequences? When I attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison, September, 1966  to June, 1968, there was a plaque on a building on the campus that got my attention and stuck with me. Years later I returned to take a picture of it. 

Bascom Hill - Historic center of the Madison campus.

South Hall - the plaque is there at the corner of the building.

This is the inscription.

Simple, powerful thoughts, that stick with us and provide direction, are a blessing. They can be miraculous at times, evidence of Knowledge/Holy Spirit in our lives.