Step 59 - Today I will learn patience. Entry for Step 58 - Knowledge is with me.

Greetings All -

IT IS VERY DIFFICULT FOR A MIND THAT IS TORMENTED to be patient. It is very difficult for a mind that is restless to be patient. It is very difficult for a mind that has sought all of its worth from temporary things to be patient. Only in the pursuit of something greater is patience necessary because it requires a greater application. Think of your life in terms of long-term development, not in terms of immediate sensation and gain. Knowledge is not merely stimulation. It is the depth of power that is universal and eternal, and its greatness is given to you to receive and to give. 

PRACTICE EACH HOUR TODAY affirming that you will learn to be patient and that you will become observant of your life rather than critical of your life. Affirm that you will become objective about your abilities and your circumstances so that you may apply a greater certainty to them.

LEARN PATIENCE TODAY AND PATIENTLY LEARN. In this way, you will move more quickly, more certainly and more lovingly. 

PRACTICE 59: Hourly practice.

It is very common for students to use some technology such as an hourly chime, vibration or other auditory or sensory market as a reminder. 

Overall, the learning of patience is critical to life. It is a focus my mother, age 89, says she still works on.

For more than thirty years I've worked on my Journey to Patience, here in pictures on Pinterest.
From the Journal:

11:19 p.m. ... 

On the hour today - Knowledge is with me.

Trying to understand understanding. 
We come from the eternal to manifest in the infernal. 
Small attempt at humor.