Step 56 - Review Entry for Step 55 - I will accept the world as it is.

Greetings All -

IN TODAY’S REVIEW, REVIEW THE PAST WEEK OF LESSONS and your involvement with them. Try to understand that though progress may appear to be slow at first, that which is slow and even will progress greatly. Involvement that is consistently applied will give you the straight line to your accomplishment.

IN YOUR REVIEW,WE AGAIN REMIND YOU to refrain from self judgment if you have not met your expectations. Merely realize what is required to follow the instructions as they are given and involve yourself with them as fully as possible. Remember that you are learning to learn, and remember that you are learning to reclaim your self-worth and your true abilities.

PRACTICE 56: One long practice period.
Yesterday:   Step 55 - I will accept the world as it is.

Nothing "From the Journal" this day. Keep on. Review is important. The learning will be great and small.