Step 39 - The power of God is with me. Entry from Step 38 - God knows the Way to Knowledge.

Greetings All -

Step 39 - The power of God is with me.

THE POWER OF GOD IS WITH YOU. It is within your Knowledge. Learn, then, to reclaim your Knowledge, and you will learn to reclaim the power that God has given you, and you will reclaim your power as well, for your power will be necessary for you to approach God’s power. Thus, all that is genuinely powerful and all that which is genuinely good will be affirmed within you and within God. Let this day, then, be a day given to experiencing this presence and this power in your life. You need not imagine God in fantasy. You need not have pictures or images to reinforce your understanding or belief. You need only utilize the practices that are given here.

IN YOUR TWO DEEP MEDITATION PRACTICES OF 30 MINUTES EACH, once again enter into stillness and allow yourself to feel the power of God. Utilize your own power to direct your mind, and do not let doubts or fears dissuade you. The power of God represents the mystery of your life, for it represents the power that you have brought with you from God to be utilized properly in the world according to the Greater Plan. Allow yourself, then, to enter into practice with dedication, with simplicity and with humility so that you may feel the power of God.

PRACTICE 39: Two 30-minute practice periods.

From the Journal:

August 23, 1999 ...

6:11 p.m. S2K - Step 38 "In your brief span of time in the world, how can you accomplish all of these(every single possibility) and still maintain your vitality? S2K says: "Take faith today in knowing that God knows the way to Knowledge , and you need only follow the way that is being given. In this way, knowledge simply emerges in you because it is acknowledged, for only God knows Knowledge in you , and only God knows Knowledge in you, and only Knowledge in you knows God. As the two resonate together, they both become more apparent. In this, you find peace. {yes a phrase is repeated, as it was written in the Journal}

Drawing the relative relationships set out in the Step are sometimes useful.