Step 49 - Review Entry for Step 48 - True instruction is available to me.

Greetings All -

THIS MARKS THE COMPLETION OF YOUR SEVENTH WEEK of practice. In this Review, it is asked of you to review all seven weeks of practice, reviewing all instructions and recalling your experience of using each one. This may require several longer practice periods, but it is quite essential for you to gain a comprehension of what it means to be a student and how learning is actually accomplished.

BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO JUDGE YOURSELF AS A STUDENT. You are not in a position to judge yourself as a student.You do not have the criteria, for you are not a teacher of Self Knowledge. You will find as you proceed that some of your failures will lead to greater successes, and that some of what you thought of as successes may lead to failures. This will underscore your whole system of evaluation and will lead you to a greater recognition. This will make it possible for you to be compassionate towards yourself and towards others whom you now judge for their successes and their failures.

REVIEW, THEN, THE FIRST FORTY-EIGHT LESSONS OF PRACTICE. Try to recall how you responded to each step and how deeply you involved yourself. Try to look at your successes, your accomplishments and your obstacles. You have come this far. Congratulations! You have passed the first test. Be encouraged now to proceed, for Knowledge is with you.

PRACTICE 49: Several long practice periods.

Seven weeks has gone by rather quickly. In the first cut, one can get some of the true content. Let's keep at it.  

Here's my book page. In blue ink, year two therefore, an attempt to illustrate being "part of a greater life."

What I underlined the first time, struck even deeper today. "You must love yourself to become a student of Knowledge and continually love yourself to proceed. There is no other obstacle to learning but this. Without love there is fear, for nothing else can replace love." 

Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." This implies as well that we should love ourselves. I don't recall being taught how to "love thyself" in the Lutheran Church, though the emphasis on sin back in the 1950's and 60's was not as great as it is now.

Steps to Knowledge is giving a new map of relationships in the world of spirit and manifestation. This is a new perspective for me in the past year.

From the Journal:

Fri Sept 3  ...

11:30 A.M. ... S2K says connection to knowledge is a conduit for creativity. I've already got too much, but am willing to do my small part. Let it come - I'll do my best. 

11:35 Where am I? Still awake, alert, capable of self movement - the body is healthy - the mind is open - I see the playing field, I'm supported by spiritual family and earth family (one in the same?) and work toward the Happy Dream - a manifestation equal to the vision - w/o the smack. I am not alone. We are not alone. 

On to the review. Seven weeks.