Step 314 - I will not be afraid to follow today. Entry for Step 313 - Let me recognize that what is complex is simple.

Greetings All –

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FOLLOW, for you are a follower. Do not be afraid to be a student, for you are a student. Do not be afraid to learn, for you are a learner. Merely accept what you are and utilize it for good. Here you end the war against yourself, where you have attempted to be something that you are not. Learn to accept yourself, and you will realize you are accepted. Learn to love yourself, and you will realize that you are loved. Learn to receive yourself, and you will learn that you are received. How can you love, accept and receive yourself? By being a student of Knowledge, because here all these accomplishments are natural. You must accomplish them to be with Knowledge, and Knowledge will accomplish them. Thus, a simple means is given to you to resolve a seemingly complex dilemma.

DO NOT DOUBT THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE WITHIN YOU and what it can accomplish, for you cannot comprehend the meaning of Knowledge, the source of Knowledge or the mechanism of Knowledge. You can only receive its beneficence. You are only asked to receive this day. You are only asked to be a recipient of Knowledge.

UPON THE HOUR REMEMBER YOUR IDEA and give it serious consideration throughout the day. Realize the many opportunities to practice this day, as your mind now is being drawn away from fantasy and confusion. Realize how much time and energy is available to you. You will be amazed at how your life will open and what great opportunities will begin to emerge for you.

IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICES TODAY, once again enter stillness. Once again take refuge from the vicissitudes and the confusion of the world. Once again enter the sanctuary of Knowledge to give yourself. It is in this giving that you receive. It is in this giving that you will find what you seek this day.

PRACTICE 314: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Another contemplative Step that lead to a long journal entry:

May 25, 2000

10:25 p.m. "Let me recognize that what is complex is simple."

This is the 2nd practice – the 1st I started in the a.m. but couldn't complete. I thought about this throughout the day.

Several things came to me. The complex is simple to those that have the Knowledge and experience to deal with it. For every complex situation or thing there is likely one soul to whom it's simple. If we can find that person, it will be simple for us too.

If those that see their "complex has simple" cooperate – we might be able to have a safe world. If we knew who the experts were and also trusted them…
3 a.m. May 26, 2000 – 313 cont.
"Have confidence that all problems you perceive – great & small, within yourself and without, – will be resolved through Knowledge…not…in a passive state…require active engagement…and active development of your abilities for a true purpose."

This is a lesson I am to review.

What is complex to the human mind is simple in the sight of the Creator/or Spirit family/unseen teachers.

From the human perspective, with human tools – perception – it is possible to bite off more than one can chew – thus undertaking the impossible – save the world/leading to discouragement/failure –

It is from this viewpoint that it comes through to stay in body/be in the world.

Although safe at this moment financially – having an OK space – I'm pitifully behind due to error/ignorance/failure to respond to intuition. (the same error committed later – May 28)

That is discouraging – I'm aware of the simple steps I might have taken – but didn't, and now I'm w/o options I could have had.

I see my life as fragile – yet a cake walk compared to others. I may be trying too much, expecting the impossible. If I had more resources, I could help the GC books promotion with donations.

S2K asks for faith for the progression of Knowledge. I'm committed to that.

ACIM asked the same. I did that. It was a partial answer.

Am I spiritually gullible?

For me to act consistent with the view "What is complex is simple" I need to continue to follow my nose.

My regional intelligence view in suggesting the complex nature of boundaries can be viewed simply. What makes it difficult is all the baggage/history of events which must be displaced, ignored, healed in order to be "new."


Paragraph 1 says the complexity view is "… The result of using your personal beliefs to organize the universe to my liking" (must be my spin).

So – what beliefs led to this?

I used to believe that:
  – good work would be rewarded
  – that I could seek to be a good person
  – that intuition would guide me along my spiritual development path
  – that relationships could be healed [in the same life time]
  – that intuition/an openness would guide me
  – that conflict can be overcome by love
  – that the physical is temporary
  – that I’m a spirit in a body 
  – that when I feel alone, I'm not
  – that my perspective might help others
  – that dysfunction explains a lot/and nothing at the same time
  – that someday I'd find a teacher/teaching that I could commit to [S2K] ?
  – that food is a calmative for stress (choc, coffee, bulk)
  – that exercise is boring
  – I’ve used my mind to avoid physical conflict (getting beat up)
  – that I should choose life – let go/ignore thoughts that solve problems with death (ACIM)
  – minimizing my ego is for spiritual benefit
  – my career/life put me in FR – & that's OK

Some of these beliefs are related to K – others are not – they'll change

Lots of thought and recording of thought. Cathartic in the moment. Let us continue.

P.S. At Step 314, we are less than two months from the end – Step 365. If you’ve found this and find some appeal in this or other Steps, you should really go to the beginning blog post. From here you learn about Steps to Knowledge and can begin it on the day that makes sense and then progress as needed. You can use the posts on this blog as a companion if it helps. They will remain in order in the archives - one per Step.

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