Step 74 - Peace abides with me today. Entry for Step 73 - I will allow my errors to teach me.

Greetings All -

TODAY PEACE ABIDES WITH YOU. Abide with peace and receive its blessings. Come to peace with all that troubles you. Come with your heavy burden. Come not seeking answers. Come not seeking understanding. Come seeking its blessings. Peace cannot intervene into a life of conflict, but you can enter into a life of peace. You come to peace, which is waiting for you, and in this your burdens will be released.

IN YOUR TWO LONG PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, practice, in stillness, receiving peace. Allow yourself to have this gift, and if any thought comes to dissuade you, remind yourself of your great worth—the worth of your Knowledge and the worth of your self. Know now that you are willing to learn from your errors and that you need not identify with them but use them only as a valuable resource for your development, for such they can become for you. 

PRACTICE,THEN, RECEIVING.Open a little further today. Set all things aside that preoccupy you for later consideration if necessary. Peace abides with you today.Today abide with peace. 

PRACTICE 74: Two 30-minute practice periods.

Yesterday:  Step 73 - I will allow my errors to teach me.

Also known as the School of Hard-knocks. As a young person I listened to my elders and obeyed the rules. I did not have to make all the mistakes others had made. Later in life, after marriage and children, I slipped into this school. My children were there - they just didn't listen to me as much as I'd listened to my parents. Then, there were new things that could go wrong.  

From the Journal:

8:45 A.M. Today I will let my errors teach me. 

11:17 p.m. What have I been taught today by my errors? It feels tht I am surrounded by errors - poor choices. Can I choose again? It doesn't seem possible for many that there is a choice. 

I could deny everything and ignore the up and downs of the minute, the hour, the day. Is doing too much an error? I'd guess so. 

7 A.M. September 29, 1999 - My biggest errors seem to be those of feeling needy and being human. Being needy is what has caused me to accumulate stuff. I wanted to plan an instrument - I bought drums, flutes, books, CDs - but they sit silent. No time, little talent. I've other book collections - Native American, spirit books, money, etc. -,  Automobile magazines, Fast Company - all with little use. Tools in the garage; pictures never put in albums - the need to find and use other info - 

Another error is thinking others will understand me, which is another need.

Thoughts about this Step when on into the next day. I needed to get them out, so they went into the journal. When a thought comes, write it down - or make and audio recording on your phone, call your voice mail and leave a message. Keep at it. There has been progress. We have a long, good way to go.