Step 87 - I will not be afraid of what I know. Entry for Step 86 - I honor those who have given to me.

Greetings All –

UPON THE HOUR TODAY PRACTICE REPEATING THIS STATEMENT and consider its meaning. Upon the hour you will learn to release fear from your life, for Knowledge will dispel all fear, and you will dispel fear to give Knowledge its right to express itself. Trust what you know. It is for the greatest good. You may bear great anger and distrust towards yourself, but this is not directed at Knowledge. This is directed at your personal mind, which cannot possibly understand your greater purpose. It cannot possibly answer your greatest questions or provide certainty, purpose, meaning and direction in your life. Forgive what is fallible. Honor what is infallible. And learn to tell the two apart.

IN YOUR TWO LONGER PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, practice letting go of fear so that you may know. Allowing your mind to be still and receptive without making demands will be a demonstration that you are trusting Knowledge. It will give you reprieve from the afflictions and the animosities of this world.With this, you will begin to see a different world.

PRACTICE 87: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Note: "Forgive what is fallible. Honor what is infallible. And learn to tell the two apart.

From the Journal:

12:52 A.M. Monday, October 11, 1999 -
- Why am I in this flow of information? Why don't other see what I see so clearly? Why is my sight, thought, feeling being enhanced by every small and large encounter?

I spent 4 hours with ... a VA Tech economist - explaining regions in VA - regions work. I have no idea how much he got. We'll see. As S2K points out - the anger is at the failure of so much of creation to meet their potential. People are wasted constantly. In spite of that we have incredible wealth. ...

8:03 A.M. I honor those who have given to me. It is a long list. This is the first 30 minut session. In this life of the of the known, I honor first Helen Josephine ohnson and Everette Thomas Christoffel, my parents. They have given since before my birth and continue to give. We were a trio from the start. (I go on for a few pages naming 41 people - family members, teachers, friends from Two Rivers, Wisconsin)

The world was not created for me, but it gave - and I was protected - but not without pain. There were generations of wisdom doing their best.

That is where I come from - and I honor that. Thirty two years later I'm in Front Royal - trying to grow and apply - remember what I learned there. 
11 p.m. I honor those that have given to me - session II. In a.m. - only made it through H.S. I've 35 more years to go - 

I had done other gratitude exercises in the past, having resolved many personal issues, it was easy to reel off names. The Step does not say to write out what you think in this lesson, but, because I had journaled, this just made sense. For the second session, no list.

There is no wrong way to begin this Step. You can always add people later when you think of them. No problem. It is your list. There can be pain and anger in this, of which we are warned, so don't be surprised or angry at yourself for true emotions. Keep at it. More fun ahead.