Step 86 - I honor those who have given to me. Entry for Step 85 - I find happiness in small things today.

Greetings All –

TO HONOR THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN TO YOU will generate gratitude, which is the beginning of true love and appreciation. Today in your two deep practice periods, you are asked to think of those people who have given to you, to think of them and nothing else during your period of practice. You are asked to consider very deeply what they have done for you. With those with whom you are angry and upset, try to see how they, too, have given service to you in the reclamation of Knowledge. Do not bear false witness  against your feelings, but in spite of your feelings towards them, if there are ill feelings, attempt also to recognize their service to you. For you can indeed be angered or upset by someone that you recognize has served you, and this is often the case. Perhaps you will even be angry at this curriculum which seeks only to serve you. Why would you be angry at this curriculum? Because Knowledge flushes out everything that stands in its way. That is why at times you are angry and do not even know why.

ALLOW YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS TO BE QUITE FOCUSED. Concentrate. Use the power of your mind. Think of those individuals who have served you. If individuals come to mind whom you had not considered having served you, think how they have served you as well. Let this day be a day of recognition. Let this be a day of restitution. 

PRACTICE 86: Two 30-minute practice periods.

This can be a difficult Step. It is a practice that will be done many times to achieve the intent. You will also gain some insight on anger. Not all at once. This is a start.

From the Journal:
October 10, 1999 - Sunday
9:41 A.M. I find happiness in small things today. (because S2K 85)
(1) Happiness is with me. 
(2) I am learning to be still & observant. 
(3) my mind is becoming (more) receptive
(4) I am being present to my current circumstances. 
- Be attentive to the potential for great messages in small things
Benefit: Then small things will not aggrevate you.

1 A still mind is an aware mind. 
2 Peace is ot a passive state. 

Life is fragile, breakable, resilient.
my goal - to make the regional structure ow invisible to become visible.

deus ign/ God in design  

Writing out elements of the Step in an outline form helps make the points in my thinking. 

Quite a few notes on the page. I'd recognized earlier in life that "peace" was not a static constant, but in life was a relative state the included ups and downs. It was dynamic in this respect, so I came to use the phrase "Peace Dynamic" as a sign-off wish in emails. This Step says clearly: "Peace in not a passive state."

Also the notion that: "...there is a Plan," appealed to me, a planner by profession. So, I note: "I am, as a planner, a seeker of the greater plan."

The page may look messy, but here again it supplements the journal and should be used by you in the same way. Having a physical copy of the book is good, or going to the expense of a printout of the PDF is worth it for this purpose. Notes can be made on a digital copy - do that if it suits your circumstances.