Step 72 - I will trust my deepest inclinations today. Entry for Step 71 - I am here to serve a greater purpose.

Greetings All -

Step 72 - I will trust my deepest inclinations today.


TRUST YOUR DEEPEST INCLINATIONS for they are trustworthy, but you must learn to discern them and distinguish them from the many other desires, compulsions and wishes that you feel and that affect you. You can only learn this through experience. You can learn this because your deepest inclinations always lead you into meaningful relationships and away from isolation or divisive engagements. You must practice this to learn it, and it will take time, but every step you make in this direction will bring you closer to the source of love in your life and will demonstrate to you the Greater Power that abides with you which you must serve and which you must learn to receive.

IN YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, in silence and in stillness, receive this Greater Power and trust your deepest inclinations as you do so. Allow yourself to give these two practice periods your full attention, putting all other things aside for later consideration. Allow yourself to recognize your deepest inclinations, which you must learn to trust.

PRACTICE 72: Two 30-minute practice periods.

From the Journal:

September 26, 1999
4:36 p.m. S2K meditation.  ...

5:46 p.m. I love the woods and never want to leave it. This is a place where I feel love. I don't have the skills to live here. ...

I am safe in the woods. I am closer to the Creator here. Closer to that love because less is in the way. Do not confuse the actors with the story. That is not needed now. 

This is the place along the Dickey Ridge Trail I came to call Su-ne. I meditated there often.

Notes in the Steps book as well. Henry David Thoreau's writings and life were an inspiration to me. Reading the transcendentalists was wonderful. There were others who felt about nature in the world the way I did. Too bad they were 100 years in the past. That was 1965 - American Literature.