Step 62 - Today I will learn to listen to life. Entry from Step 61 - Love gives of itself through me.

Greetings All -


IF YOU ARE PRESENT TO THE WORLD, you will be able to hear the world. If you are present to life, you will be able to hear life. If you are present to God, you will be able to hear God. If you are present to yourself, you will be able to hear yourself.

THEREFORE, TODAY PRACTICE LISTENING. Upon each hour practice listening to the world around you and the world within. Repeat the affirmation and then practice this. It only takes a moment. You will find that regardless of your circumstances, there will be a way for you to practice this today. Do not let your circumstances dominate you. You can practice within them. You can find a way to practice that does not produce embarrassment or inappropriateness with others. Whether you are alone or engaged with others, you may practice today. Practice upon the hour. Practice listening. Practice being present. To truly listen means that you are not judging. It means that you are observing. Remember, you are developing a faculty of mind that will be
necessary for you to be able to give and to receive the greatness of Knowledge.

PRACTICE 62: Hourly practice.

This is a practice for learning. Be patient with yourself.   

From the Journal:

7:20 A.M. September 16 - 
The heart should lead. The brain/mind is a tool for discernment. 
Plenty of dysfunctional relationship interactions recorded this day. Such is life.