Step 77 - Review Entry for Step 76 - Today I will not judge another.

Greetings All –

Step 77 - Review

IN YOUR REVIEW TODAY, once again review the past week of practices and instruction. Once again examine the qualities within yourself which aid you in your preparation and the qualities within yourself that make your preparation more difficult. Observe these things objectively. Learn to strengthen those aspects of yourself that encourage and strengthen your participation in the reclamation of Knowledge, and learn to adjust or correct those qualities that interfere. You must recognize both to have Wisdom.You must learn of truth and you must learn of error. You must do this to progress, and you must do this to serve others. Unless you have learned of error and can look at it objectively and understand how it has arisen and how it can be relieved—until you have learned these things—you will not know how to serve others, and their errors will anger you and frustrate you. With Knowledge your expectations will be in harmony with the nature of another.With Knowledge you will learn how to serve and you will forget how to condemn.

PRACTICE 77: One long practice period.

It has been a week Time to review. Review is important.  

Learning "not to judge" does take some work, as it is contrary to the nature of human societies. 

From the Journal:

12:32 A.M. Friday, October 1, 1999
Where am I? I'm in the process of using S2K to enhance my connection and understanding. It is worth doing. I don't know the outcome. Today at the Planning Academy in Strasburg I looked at my hand/my arm and thought, "All this humanity dying, others in the room dying too. The great manifestation for a sort time frame  of life." Even as I sit here in the rocker - listening to a new age Native American music on the WV PBS Nightshades - I am amazed that I sit here and push the pen. Two splits of Cabernet Sauvignon help the mood. Cindy is in bed. Where am I? Work is an endless challenge. ...

This isn't even my real life perhaps? I don't know where S2K takes me ... or even if that is real, though signs point to yes. 

I will remain in body. The sense I have of the True me - is that, in motion, I go quite slow - but with high accuracy. 

8:37 A.M. ... S2K "Today I will not judge another." That's on the hour. Thus for the moment, I'll vent on the ... who've made my life hard at work. 

These thought are more about my state-of-mind than the Step, but such things are important to record for review. It enables one to detect movement in their thinking. Note that at 8:37, before the hourly, I vented anger I would have to ignore when practicing the Step.