Step 90 - Today I will make no assumptions. Entry for Step 89 - My emotions cannot dissuade my Knowledge.

Greetings All –

MAKE NO ASSUMPTIONS TODAY as you devote one more day to the reclamation of Knowledge. Make no assumptions about your progress in learning. Make no assumptions about your world. Practice this day having an open mind that bears witness to events and that seeks to learn. Enjoy the freedom that comes without assumptions, for mystery will be a source of grace for you rather than a source of fear and anxiety as you learn to receive it.

IN YOUR HOURLY PRACTICE and in your two longer meditation practices today, where you practice stillness and receptivity, you can experience the value and the power of these words. Make no assumptions this day. Remind yourself of this all through the day, for making assumptions is merely a habit and when the habit is released, the mind may exercise its natural function without its former restraints.

PRACTICE 90: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

12:30 A.M. Thursday October 14 - Why up so late?
I don't know? I want to get the Knowledge link permanently. It will take movement (time).

Step 89 - My emotions cannot dissuade my Knowledge. 


11:21 p.m. I want Knowledge. I want my spiritual family. 

This had been a rough day, so my need level is high.  In the Steps book, the note in green is " - Stillness Good."

Blue ink is the second time though. A difficult time, but thanks to Steps practice I was able to adapt and survive. I hope you aren't in such a position, but if so - it is good that you are doing Steps.